The ONLY 3 Things You Need to Achieve Your Mental Health Goals in 2014

The ONLY 3 Things You Need to Achieve Your Mental Health Goals in 2014

In the last few posts, we’ve been talking about goal setting and how mental health goals can make a huge difference to how we feel, behave and act. However, just making goals is not enough. What we need is to act on them and achieve them.

It is the realization of goals that gives you the confidence and the courage to dream bigger, try harder and go further.

So, let’s help you put together a goal achievement kit so that once you know what your mental health, financial, professional or personal goals are, you can start using these key tools to achieving results.

The Maximum Impact Goal Achievement Toolkit

1. Accountability Partner

Yes, you need an accountability partner or group to hold you accountable to what you commit to achieve. You may choose to be your own accountability partner but having a third-party accountability partner means that excuses don’t work and you are motivated to make things happen.

2. A Goal Review System

Every successful goal achiever will tell you that they went back to the drawing board to review their progress or whether or not their goals still made sense to them.

Commit to reviewing your goals at regular intervals. Yes, that means, that your goals need to get out of your head and onto paper.

Writing them down and keeping them handy will ensure that you can review them at a moment’s notice and not have to think hard to remember them.

3. Mindset Apps or Books

Our mindset apps can be powerful tools in helping you achieve your goals by teaching you NLP techniques, understanding your Enneagram type and most importantly, empowering you to focus on personal development and Changing Your Mindset.

Mindset books, too, are a great way to develop the right mindset to make achieving those goals possible and a positive learning experience. For instance, learning about  and applying growth mindset principles can help you approach new experiences with enthusiasm instead of resentment or fear.

3 things. Simple, easy and effective.

  • Know what your mental health goals are and set up a way to stay accountable to them,
  • review them regularly and
  • use Mental Health Resources, like apps or books to help you learn techniques that enable goal achievement.

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Mental Health Tips for an Enriching and Energizing New Year

Mental Health Tips for an Enriching and Energizing New Year

As you wrap up this year, are your thoughts filled with how tired or exhausted you were most of the time?  Do you want to make the New Year more energizing and active than this one? Read on for some simple, actionable mental health tips that will infuse more energy into the New Year and help you gain a more positive Mindset.

1. Commit to Getting Outdoors Everyday

One of the best ways to infuse more energy and enrich your mental health as well as physical health is to get outdoors every day. Whether it is for a walk, a run or just sitting in the garden reading, being outdoors will help you clear your head, breathe in fresh air, appreciate the little things and feel recharged when you come back inside.

2. Connect with At Least One Person Everyday

In this day and age of social networks and emails, we often forget to really connect with another person via old-fashioned conversations, phone calls or even, letters.

Connecting with others is great for mental health. Talking to another person will help you see perspective, value what you have and help you feel better, almost instantly.

The key though is to connect with people who support and lift you up rather than those who are negative themselves and only thrive in pulling or putting others down. This can help you immensely with creating a positive mindset.

3. Commit to Eating Clean and Healthy for Good Mental Health

The right diet is vital for good mental health. Eating junk will make you feel like, junk. So focus on eating healthy.

Raw foods, energy-boosting nuts, health-filled proteins and complex carbohydrates will all leave you feeling fresher, more alert and of course, filled with energy.

It’s difficult to feel low or depressed or miserable when your body is filled with energy boosters!

4. Start or Restart a Hobby to Boost your Mental Health

All work and no play makes everyone a dull boy or girl. As busy as you may seem to be, take time out every week to engage in a non-work hobby.

Enjoy doing crosswords? Take a puzzle and sit outdoors to solve it. You get your Nature fix and spend time doing something fun too. Win-win!

5. Go On a Holiday or Take a Break, Regularly

Even though we are in the midst of a festive holiday season right now, it is time to pencil in times for your next break or vacation during the New Year. Regular breaks do both the body and the mind good.

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Goal Setting Tips to Create a Millionaire Mindset in the New Year

Goal Setting Tips to Create a Millionaire Mindset in the New Year

With the New Year around the corner, we’re sure you in full goal setting mode to make the next year your best ever. In our earlier post, we shared tips to set smart mental health goals for the next year. Today, let’s talk about Millionaire Mentality and how you can set goals to help you create a millionaire mindset in the New Year.

Understanding What is a Millionaire Mindset and How Do Millionaires Think

A millionaire mindset is simply a way of thinking, perceiving and doing that focuses on being committed to being rich.

Here’s how to know if you have a millionaire mindset. {add link to this post }

Goal Setting for Millionaire Mindsets

In order to change your thought pattern from that of “not having enough” to one of having millions, you need to set goals that help you make the change easily enough.

1.Take Action Everyday for a Millionaire Mindset

One of the first goals you must set is to take action every day. Commit to starting the project you’ve been procrastinating about. Commit to making that change to waking up earlier than usual to get more work done. Yes, taking action, no matter how small will help you get things moving and put you in the right headspace.

2. Learn from and Study the Millionaires

Another goal that you must set is to actually learn from the lives of the millionaires or billionaires before you and study how they took their decisions, made progress or dealt with the highs and lows of life which could give you valuable insights into their millionaire mindset.

3. Watch Your Thoughts

The other goal that you must set in order to change your thoughts is to watch your thoughts. Pay attention to when you slip into “not” mode or “can’t” mode. Focus on your inner language so that when you catch yourself saying “ I don’t have enough money” or “I can’t afford this”, you can change it to a positive soundtrack.

4. Get Help to Make the Change

Finally, don’t go alone. Goals are better achieved when you have accountability and assistance to make them happen. Choose an accountability partner to discuss your progress with or the things you’re finding particularly challenging.

Also, getting help in the form of a book or an app to help you stay inspired, focused and make the change will be particularly useful in keeping you on track.

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How-to-Set-Mental Health-Goals-for-the-New Year

How to Set Mental Health Goals for the New Year

How to Set Mental Health Goals for the New Year

Yes, it is December already and while you may be busy getting ready to celebrate Christmas and the holidays with your friends and family, it is also a good time to sit down and set some goals for the new year. Yes, you can definitely set some personal and business goals but today, what I want to talk about is setting mental health goals that will help you achieve those personal and professional goals as well.

Here are 4 Mental Health Resources to help you set mental health goals for a positive and successful New Year:

1. Be Specific with your mental health goals

One of the things that most of us do when setting mental health goals or any goals, for that matter, is describe them vaguely. Instead, one should try to be as specific and concrete as possible about the goal so that you can actually feel it, visualize it and see it happening.

2. Write Down Your Mental Health Goals on Paper

Our minds are like, little busy boxes. Always on the go, thinking, dreaming, hoping, worrying. Don’t make them do another task by keeping all your mental health goals in your head. Instead, write them down in a journal or notebook where you can see them everyday, cross them off once they’re reached and keep your focus strong.

3. Carve Out Time for Reflection and Introspection

Goals often fall by the wayside because we don’t spend enough time thinking about how we’re doing with them. Sure, when we start off, we’re all fired up and excited. But then, the everyday routine of life steps in and we forget to check in with our goals and how we’re doing with.

Carving out 10 minutes a day to spend in reflection and to see whether or not your actions are supporting your mental health goals can make a big difference.

4. Stay Accountable and Focused

Finally, goals are met best when you’re focused on them. Keep the focus high by getting accountable. Invest in Mental Health Resources like an accountability partner or a mastermind group or download a mindset app to help you stay on track with your goals.  Doing so will again help you check in with your goals and see whether or not your actions are supporting what you intend to do.

What mental health goals will YOU be setting for a powerful, positive New Year? Share with us in the Mindsetmax community on Facebook or Twitter.