Success Tips for Students: Habits of the Successful Student

Success tips for students is not some kind of cliché phrase. The fact is that students these days are under a lot of pressure to achieve, accomplish and attain goals that we, as parents, never even thought of. This post covers some Successful Student Skills which can help them cope with pressure and still say focused on their goals.

But what sets successful students apart from the rest? What Is Student Success? Is it genes? Studying 12-hours a day? Or is it something else?

Success Tips for Students:

Streamline and Schedule Your Life

The first success tip for students is to take charge and streamline their life by putting things on their planner and calendar. Knowing when their assignment is due or when a project needs to be submitted helps them to plan and stay focused and at the same time, minimizes last-minute rushes and pressure. This might seem a simple thing to do but can go a long way in keeping things streamlined.

Set the Right Priorities

Successful students also prioritize smartly. Do you want to stay out late at night when you have an important test the next morning? Do you want to party through the week and forget about an assignment? Successful students don’t sacrifice fun but they learn to get their work-life balance right by choosing smartly when they have to.

Have the Right Mindset

Most importantly, a successful student believes in having the right mindset. A growth mindset for students can be a HUGE blessing because it helps them approach obstacles as opportunities for learning and improvement. A growth mindset also helps them believes that talents can be developed and grown. Nothing, including intelligence, is fixed.

For more on growth mindset for students, read 5 Top Resources to Create Growth Mindset in Students, Mental Health Tips for College Students

Take Care of Your Mind, Body and Soul

Finally, Success Tips for College or Tips for High School Success won’t be complete without taking care of one’s body, mind and soul. It’s critical that students eat right most of the time, get enough active, outdoor time and surround themselves with encouraging books, mindset apps and people.





Mental Health Tips for College Students

Mental health for college students? That’s right. Let’s face it, college can be stressful. Exams, papers, assignments, peer pressures, college students have a lot to deal with on their plate and stress becomes a natural part of their busy lives.

That is why they need good and strong mental health in order to cope with everything they have going on!

Mental Health Tips for the College Grad:

Eat Healthy to Feel Healthy

Food does boost mood and how you feel. Fueling your body with the right food will prevent sugar lows and resulting mood swings. Eat complex carbohydrates, plenty of protein and keep your intake of junk food to a minimum.

To  find out more about food and mental health, read Eat Well to Feel Better:Food and Mental Health

Exercise and Stay Active

Partying all night does not qualify as exercise. **laughing** Seriously though, as a college student you may not want another thing to do but exercise is something that will help you not only stay in great shape, physically but also boost endorphins or feel-good hormones which will in turn keep your mental health in great shape too!!

Learn Stress-Busting Mental Health Habits

Meditation, yoga, deep breathing, relaxation exercises, prayer or just quieting your mind can all help you to improve your state of mind and better your outlook on life.

Be a Smart Goal Planner

College students are under a lot of pressure to be achievers. Whether it is sports, academics or extra-curricular activities, the pressure to accomplish something is always on. Setting realistic and smart goals will not only keep you motivated but also help you to grow as a person.

Surround Yourself with Positivity

Whether it is reading the right books, using apps that infuse mindset training into your life or hanging out with people who support and encourage you, choose ways to infuse positive thinking into your life.

Foster a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset, unlike a fixed mindset, will help you to constantly improve upon yourself, expand your intelligence and learn new things instead of getting defeated when challenges and obstacles crop up, which they will.

For more on growth mindset, read How to Develop a Growth Mindset  and 5 Habits that Lead to a Growth Mindset 

Get Help When Needed

Finally always remember that seeking expert or professional help for mental health issues, like depression, stress, mood swings or anxiety is not a sign of weakness but a show of determination to do better and get healed. So, seek help should you need it.








5 Habits that Lead to a Growth Mindset

In our last series of posts, we talked a lot about the mental health habits of successful people, today, let’s look at one of those habits in greater detail: the growth mindset.

More importantly, let’s look at everyday habits to help you create a growth mindset. We’ve already talked about the benefits of a growth mindset as well as how to create one.
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Today let’s look at regular, everyday habits that can help you or your kids to switch from a fixed mindset to one that encourages you to grow and think out-of-the-box:

Enjoy Making Mistakes

That’s right. The next time you or someone you know makes a mistake, value it. Talk about what you learnt from it. Much learning can be derived from our mistakes. Do you think Einstein arrived at all his genius solutions and inventions in the very first go? Absolutely not! He made mistakes and using the learning from those, tweaked his next steps. So, the next time you make a mistake, don’t beat yourself up over it or don’t try to brush it under the carpet. Value it, learn from it and apply it!

 You Always Have a Choice

The next time you’re faced with a challenge, a seemingly insurmountable problem or just that inner niggling voice of criticism, how you respond is your choice. Everyday, tell yourself, “You Have a Choice”. Whether you respond to situations with a fixed mindset or with a growth mindset where you expand your perspective, stretch your abilities or scale your strategies, is YOUR choice.

Practice Does Make the Growth Mindset Perfect

As you face challenges and problems, obstacles and even, everyday situations, practice approaching them from the perspective of learning experiences rather than something that you either have to succeed at or will fail at. When you keep practicing something, whether it is a mindset, or a skill, you do achieve perfection. So, sharpen that thought process and keep applying it. Over time, you will get into the habit of looking at things from the perspective of growing rather than feeling frustrated at being stuck!

Additional Resources for a Growth Mindset:

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What Growth Mindset Activities have YOU tried?


10 Free and Powerful Affirmations for a Millionaire Mindset

A millionaire mindset is what most people are striving to develop these days to create a wealth consciousness that helps them to live a better, richer life.

We’ve already covered a lot of ground to help you create this wealth mindset. In today’s post, we’ll look at the power of affirmations and give you quotes and affirmations you need to start creating your own millionaire mindset.

Resources to Create a Millionaire Mindset

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Everyday Habits to Create a Millionaire Mindset

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Habits of Successful People: A Millionaire Mindset 

Today, let’s add to your growing arsenal of knowledge and share with you some life changing quotes and affirmations.

Quotes and Affirmations for a Millionaire Mentality

1. “Bless that which you want. If you see a person with a beautiful home, bless that person and bless that home. If you see a person with a beautiful car, bless that person and bless that car. If you see a person with a loving family, bless that person and bless that family. If you see a person with a beautiful body, bless that person and bless their body.” ― T. Harv Eker

2. “What you focus on expands.” ― T. Harv Eker

3. “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” ― Confucius

4. I am a money magnet and take massive action to increase my wealth.

5. Money flows to me constantly and endlessly.

6. I manage my wealth with ease and wisdom.

7. My streams of income increase constantly and I joyously accept the millions that flow          into my life.

8.  I have the confidence I need to succeed.

9. “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. ” – Walt Disney Company

10.   I take action everyday to create wealth.

The last 2 quotes and affirmations highlight an important part of using these tools – taking action. At the end of the day, action is of the essence for you and for changing your life. Make the change to see the change.

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