Growth MIndset 5 ways an app can help you change the way you think

Growth Mindset: 5 Ways an App Can Help You Change the Way You Think

Growth Mindset: 5 Ways an App Can Help You Change the Way You Think

So, you want to change your thoughts? Switch your self-talk? You’ve realised that having a growth mindset is key to your overall personal and professional development. You know that it is the mindset that can help your raise your children to be more successful in life.


Yes, but you feel you don’t have the time or energy or even the, financial resources to invest in an intensive mindset training program.


How about I tell you that in as little as a few minutes every day and with nothing more than your exisiting iPhone or Android, you could work towards creating a growth mindset.

That’s right.

Here are 5 ways, an app can help you change your thoughts to change your life:

Using an App is Easy

For starters, using an app is super easy. If you already have an iPhone, Android or iPad, you’re probably using a ton of apps to simplify your life or maybe to play games. How about installing an app that’ll help change your thoughts and help you lead a more centered, in control and positive life?

Simply click here, install and ta-dah, you’re done!

Growth Mindset Apps Are Inexpensive

Attending a half day or full day growth mindset training can be expensive both for time and money. On the other hand, installing and using a growth mindset app is inexpensive and quick. You can listen to it while commuting to work or on your evening run. PLUS, it costs under $3! Imagine that!!

Apps Make Change Convenient

Honestly, apps make it super convenient for you to change your mindset, learn new tools and shift your mindset. You can carry them around in your pocket, don’t have to remember where you put that notebook or schedule a class and can just jump right in!

You Can Continue to Upgrade Your Knowledge

All our mindset training apps come with different levels making it super easy for you to continue to upgrade your knowledge. Feel like you’ve learnt all there is from one app, simply install another one. Fast,simple and effective!

You Can Find Social Interaction and Community Easily

Now you may be thinking that sure, if I download an app, I can work on my mindset but I’ll be doing that alone, right? However, you can find community and engagement and check in with others who may have downloaded the app right here on our Facebook page.

Have you taken a growth mindset test or take inspiration from some growth mindset quotes?

Ready to get started with changing your mindset?



5 Growth Mindset Related Things to Teach Your Kids When They’re Not In School

5 Growth Mindset Related Things to Teach Your Kids When They’re Not In School

Whether you’re homeschooling, private schooling or public schooling your kids, instilling a growth mindset in them is something that goes beyond the regular handwriting practice and reading routines.

As we’ve discovered in our earlier posts, growth mindset can be key for a child’s overall mental development and attitude through life.

Here are 5 things you can teach your kids to instill this belief system and mindset in them as part of their after-school learning:

Value Their Effort When They Play a Sport of Colour a Picture

The next time your child plays a game of baseball or brings a picture they’ve coloured for you, don’t laud them with empty praise “You’re the next Picasso” or “You were great on the field”. Instead, praise the effort they’ve made. “You really worked hard on that” or “You tried some new moves this time ”

Ask Them What They Learnt When You Finish Reading with Them

Reading books can be great fun  and when you pair it with asking them what they learnt from the books, you can encourage kids to explore and stretch their minds to find meaning and lessons while making it one of the most interesting growth mindset activities. “What did you learn from this?” or “Did you see how [name of character] didn’t give up because the task was too hard?”

Encourage Exploring Complex Puzzles and Applaud Effort, Not Result

Don’t bring out the puzzles that are the easiest, all the time. Instead, encourage kids to stretch their potential and try out the more complicated ones and appreciate their efforts in trying to put them together.

Kids who get used to hearing “you’re smart!” lack the willingness to explore more challenging tasks because for them failure equals to lack of smartness. Instead, raising children who believe that trying hard and making the effort is more important are willing to actually grow their talents and intelligence.

Play Board Games and Help Kids Be Inquisitive About Mistakes

Growth mindset lesson plans can be a s fun as Playing a board game! Watch for opportunities to help children learn from their mistakes and help instill a growth mindset. Instead of trying to sugar coat or tough talk, you need to balance how you help them deal with defeat, errors and obstacles.

Be a Good Growth Mindset Role Model

Finally and most importantly, be a good growth mindset role model and avoid placing labels on yourself “I was never good at math”, for instance.

When at the dinner table, highlight instances where you learnt something by exploring, challenging yourself and asking for help. Ask them what would they want to learn or practice or get better at each week.

In teaching growth mindsets to kids it’s important to encourage the process, rather than merely appreciate the outcome.

Do you share any growth mindset quotes or growth mindset videos with your kids?

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What is an Abundance Mindset and How Can You Create One

What is an Abundance Mindset and How Can You Create One

Mindset is at the root of how we live our life and how we deal with things like, challenges, failures and experiences, in general. Today, let’s deal with a mindset that helps you go through life with the belief that there is more than enough for everyone. Abundance.

Yes, abundance mindset or abundance mentality is a way of thinking that gives you the tools and ability of leading life with generosity and in turn, infusing more abundance into your own life.

“Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature.” ― Steve Maraboli

How to Create an Abundance Mindset

Be Generous

Yes, the more you give, the more you get. This adage stands true. If you’re short on money, try and give some away. No seriously, whatever little you can, give it away to someone who would truly benefit from it and bless you.

George S. Clason was right when he said, “As for time, all men have it in abundance.”

So, if you’re short on time, be more generous and give it away to a cause or a person who needs more time.

Don’t feel loved? Be generous with your affection for others, hug as often as you can and just spread love all around.

Be Helpful

Helping others is a great way to create a mindset of having more than enough for everyone and how to create abundance . If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, reach out and help someone who’s feeling the same way. You’ll find you get un-stuck faster. When you help someone, you get help yourself!

Believe In Others

An abundance mindset believes in others. It believes that there is plenty on the plate for everyone. Whether it is telling someone how proud you are of them, sharing positive ideas with someone or writing a note to tell them that you believe in what they do, do it! Your own sense of self-esteem and belief in yourself will skyrocket.

An abundance mindset is one that nurtures other positive mindsets, such as the millionaire mindset. Why do you think some of the world’s greatest philanthropists are millionaires?

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