Personal Development Goals: 5 Things Successful People Do to Achieve Them

Personal Development Goals: 5 Things Successful People Do to Achieve Them

Personal development goals has been the topic of discussion on the mindsetmax blog this month. From staying motivated to achieve goals to setting effective personal development goals, we’ve covered it all.

Today let’s learn more about achieving these goals from the people who seem to have mastered the art of accomplishing their personal development goals.

Personal Development Goals: Success Tip #1 from Successful People – Use Your Time Smartly to Achieve Goals

Successful people are excellent at managing their time. From dedicating the first hour of the day to planning their time to scheduling time to regularly review their goal development progress, they use their time to propel their accomplishments.

You can do this: Wake an hour earlier than your usual time every day. Spend this extra hour writing down your plan for the day as well as your goals and review how far you’ve come with them.

Personal Development Goals: Success Tip #2 from Successful People – Write Down Your Personal Development Goals

Studies have repeatedly shown that people who write down their goals have a greater chance of accomplishing them as compared to those who keep their goals in their mind.

Successful people write down their goals. Not just that, they write down their goals in the present tense, affirming that they’ve happened.

You can do this: When you write and review your goals, make sure you use the present tense. For instance, “I earn $10,000 every month” instead of “I want to earn $10,000 every month.”

Personal Development Goals: Success Tip #3 from Successful People – Visualize Your Success

Successful people, whether in business or in sports, use visualization extensively and can actually “see” reaching their goals in their minds’ eye.

You can do this: Use our mindset training apps to learn how to visualize successfully and also, train the mind to focus on the positive outcome.

Personal Development Goals: Success Tip #4 Set SMART Personal Development Goals

Successful people set SMART personal development goals. In other words, their goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time bound.

This gives their goals a “concrete” structure and makes it easier for them to focus on them.

You can do this: Review your personal development goals. Do they tick the boxes? Can you measure them? Do they have a deadline or are they timebound?

Personal Development Goals: Success Tip #5 Believe in Yourself

Finally, and most importantly, successful people believe in themselves and their ability to achieve their personal development goals. They harness their confidence in themselves and give their goals their best shot ever.

You can do this: Focus on feeding your mind positive, mental nutrition. Focus on your strengths and build them further. Use mindset training apps to create a growth mindset. Believe in yourself.


Self Improvement Tips for a Successful 2015

Self Improvement Tips for a Successful 2015


Self improvement tips or self improvement ideas for a more successful and financially abundant year are useful only when you turn the tips into measurable actions.



While the new year may still be a few weeks away, we want you to get a headstart and start taking action right now.


These self improvement tips are applicable all the time, so you don’t have to wait for the 1st of January to roll around.


Self Improvement Tips for a Successful 2015


Self Improvement Tips for a Successful 2015#1. Set SMART Goals


A journey without a destination isn’t a journey at all.


Setting goals that get your going and make an impact on your life are the first stepping stone for your success. Start your self improvement journey by setting goals that are




Setting goals that meet these criteria will help you gain momentum and keep that going as you start seeing results and differences in your life.


An example of a SMART goal for better health can be : Join a gym and workout 3 days a week for the next 30 days to see X improvement in stamina and lose X number of pounds.


An example of a SMART goal for greater success will be: Finish X project by writing X number of pages by X date and create a detailed launch plan to sell X number of copies.


Every goal that you write or create for yourself must be specific, measurable in some way, achievable, realistic and timely in order for it to lead you to greater success.


Self Improvement Tips for a Successful 2015#2. Stay Organized and Productive


All the self improvement tips in the world would be of little use if you weren’t organized and a good time manager.


Staying focused on your task, having a list of action items to work on, being aware of where you time is going are all small steps that will ensure you stay organised and productive and don’t let time be the master of you.


Keeping something as simple as a daily diary or a master calendar will ensure that you track your time and use it wisely to work on your goals rather than fritter it away meaninglessly.


Self Improvement Tips for a Successful 2015#3. Nourish Your Mind


While it is key that you work on your goals, track your time and use it wisely, it is also vital that you nourish your mind with non-work activities. Yes, because all work and no play does make Jack or Jill a very dull person.


At the same time, you must be selective of how you choose to nourish your mind. Watching mindless television that doesn’t contribute to your mental health in any way isn’t helpful. Neither is gossiping with fellow workers after work.


However, if you feed your mind with positive affirmations, mindset changing apps and books that create a positive impact, you’ll see a difference in how you lead and experience your life.


So, nourish your mind carefully and feed it only the healthiest and most wholesome information.


Do YOU constantly think about “How to better myself”?


What self improvement tips will you be taking and applying to your life in 2015?


Personal Development Goals: How to Stay Motivated

Personal Development Goals: How to Stay Motivated


Personal development goals are exciting and an essential for progress and growth as humans.


However, when working on our personal development goals and living life as is, it can get challenging to stay motivated.


You may come up against time crunches that don’t let you spend enough time on learning or working on your goal.


You may find it difficult to keep going.


Yes, staying motivated when going through change is key to making that change and growth happen.



Here are tips on how to stay motivated when working on those personal development goals:


1. Set Realistic Goals


Start by setting goals that are realistic yet not too easy. Not just that, break down the action steps you’ll take to achieve that goal and review them to see if you can actually do them.


For instance, if you know you have a packed schedule with no time for an extra class or course, signing up to a foreign language course at the Uni will leave you exhausted and drained.


However, if you choose to learn that foreign language by using an app on your smartphone or by listening to tapes as you drive to work, you’ll be able to work on your goal, stay motivated and not get exhausted in the process too.


2. Seek Inspiration Everyday


Motivation makes motivation.


Really. Staying inspired is a great way to stay motivated and focused on your goals.


Read about success stories of people who’ve worked on these goals before you.


Talk to friends who support your personal development goals and can cheer you on.


Surround yourself with mindset-changing apps, books, quotes, pictures that serve to uplift you and fire you up to move forward towards your goal with single-minded focus.


3. Turn Personal Development Goals into a Game


Finally, one of the fun ways to work on staying motivated is to fuel that competitive spirit.


Turn your goals into a game, with “steps” you need to take and a reward at the end. Celebrate each step you take that gets you closer and visualize the reward at the end.


Staying motivated is key to making those personal development goals become a reality so make sure you have a healthy dose of inspiration, encouragement and spirit to get you going and keep you moving!
What are some of the other things do YOU do for personal development or developing your mindset?
Have you thought of your top 10 personal development goals or even the top 5 personal development goals for 2015?


Self Improvement Books: The 3 Books You Must Read in 2015

Self Improvement Books: The 3 Books You Must Read in 2015


Self improvement books are an easy yet effective way to make change happen. From helping you meet personal development goals to making it possible for you to change your mindset to lead the life you deserve, they can do it all and then some.


That is why every month when we send out the Mindsetmax newsletter, we share a Book of the Month.



Reading is key to self-improvement and growth. Reading the right material is even more important.


On that note, here are the top 3 books that everyone must read in 2015.


1st Recommendation For Self Improvement Books for 2015: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


This book isn’t a new one, most definitely. In fact, as the blurb on Amazon rightly says, “It is the Granddaddy of motivational literature”


This new and refreshed edition has anecdotes of modern millionaires and how they’ve too applied Hill’s proven Law of Success philosophy to create their wealth.


From Bill Gates to Mary Kay Ash, Arthur R.Pell, “a nationally known author, lecturer, and consultant in human resources management and an expert in applying Hill’s thought”, has included them all.


2nd Recommendation For Self Improvement Books for 2015: Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success by Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey is fun, enthusiastic, and very wise. In this September 2014 release, he’s showing you how to achieve your dreams by using the gift you already have.


He helps you learn how to find your gift and then, arms you with a set of principles to use your gift too.


Amazon readers have described the book as “An absolute page turner! A must read for everyone, especially entrepreneurs!” and “Very Motivating, Easy Read!”


Definitely among the self improvement books that are so much more!


3rd Recommendation For Self Improvement Books for 2015: Simplify by Joshua Becker


If your personal development goal for 2015 is to simplify your life and reduce the clutter, this gem of a book by minimalist living blogger, Joshua Becker will be a delight to own and read.


Simplify will change the way you look at material things and physical possessions and give you the clarity and motivation you need to live life fueled by your passion and not your products.


Praised by the New York Times and the TIME Magazine Blog of the year, this is one book you will love as you move towards a simpler yet richer lifestyle.
Do you read self improvement books? What is the best self improvement book that has inspired you?
Do you know of any must read self improvement books?
What are some of the other things YOU do for personal development or developing your mindset?