Personal-Growth-Goals-for-Teachers- How-to-Set-a-Goal-to-Help-You-Improve-as-an-Educator

Personal Growth Goals for Teachers: How to Set a Goal to Help You Improve as an Educator

Personal Growth Goals for Teachers: How to Set a Goal to Help You Improve as an Educator


Personal growth goals hold the key to improving your life and most importantly, your career.


Setting and reviewing your personal growth plan on a regular basis is a non-negotiable activity for teachers and educators.



Here’s how to set goals that truly make a difference and create an impact:


1. Choose a Goal that Matters… to You


That’s right. Choose a goal that matters to you. Regardless of the goals that your peers and colleagues or seniors may be aspiring for, you know your personality, your strengths and your desires best.


So, choose a goal that you can have a strong personal connect with. It should truly and deeply matter to you to be able to achieve that goal.


2. Connect it to your School Goals


While personal connection is truly important, having a goal that also relates well with your school goals is key. Why? Because then it will help you advance further and be in sync with what the school needs at that time.


3. Make Sure Your Personal Growth Goal Has a Clear and Measurable Outcome


All goals, including personal growth ones, should have a clear and measurable outcome. How will you assess that you have achieved or reached that goal? What improvements and changes will you be able to see?


4. Track It and Stay Accountable


When setting goals for personal growth make sure that you have a system of checking in to see how you’re moving along and also, stay accountable.


You can choose to have a roadmap to check in with or you can choose a mastermind group.


Either way, it is essential that you have a plan in place to make goal-setting work by actually working on those goals.


5. Have a Reward System in Place


That’s right. Stickers aren’t only for your students. Rewards are known to impact and motivate goal achievement so make sure you have a reward in place when you reach your goal.


You can in fact, tie this key step in with your tracking and accountability by having small rewards for each step of the goal that you reach.


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