3 Ways to Create Growth Mindset in a Student

3 Ways to Create Growth Mindset in a Student

3 Ways to Create Growth Mindset in a Student

3 Ways to Create Growth Mindset in a Student

We have explored the importance of mindset training for grown-ups and how it can training mindsets can help people achieve more as entrepreneurs, professionals and even, parents. However, did you know that mindset training and more specifically, growth mindset training is an effective technique to helping students succeed at school.



In her groundbreaking book and research, Carol Dweck has outlined the importance that growth mindset has on learners.


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Mindset Training and Students: 3 Ways to Create Growth Mindset in a Student

1. Create a Growth Mindset for Yourself First

Begin by first, practicing what you preach and create a growth mindset for yourself. Refrain from thinking fixed mindset thoughts that limit you or hold you back. Let your children or students see that you’re constantly improving instead of being stuck in a rut. Mindsets manifest themselves in the mind and so, watch your thoughts.


2. Encourage Children to Explore and Expand

In the classroom when Teaching Growth Mindsets or at home, encourage children to work towards achieving their goals, increasing their IQ or acquiring new “talents”. Let them know that what they know or what they’re good at is NOT fixed. They can constantly improve upon themselves and experience better results.


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3. Show Students How to Think “Growth” Thoughts

Have a student who often says, “ I can never figure this out. It’s too hard” or “ Math is not my subject. I’m not good at it. “ Teach children to think thoughts that instead, focus on improvement and learning. So, “I can never figure this out” can become “ This looks interesting. Let me see how to do it.” Teaching children to constantly watch their thoughts and replace them with growth mindset ones will help them make it a natural way to think and soon, they’ll start seeing the results.


Encourage questions, inquiries and openness to challenges and obstacles. Instill in children that they, themselves, are in control of their intelligence, their talents and eventually, their success.


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Therefore, Grow your mind – grow your life via your Growth Mindset today!