5 Habits that Lead to a Growth Mindset

In our last series of posts, we talked a lot about the mental health habits of successful people, today, let’s look at one of those habits in greater detail: the growth mindset.

More importantly, let’s look at everyday habits to help you create a growth mindset. We’ve already talked about the benefits of a growth mindset as well as how to create one.
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Today let’s look at regular, everyday habits that can help you or your kids to switch from a fixed mindset to one that encourages you to grow and think out-of-the-box:

Enjoy Making Mistakes

That’s right. The next time you or someone you know makes a mistake, value it. Talk about what you learnt from it. Much learning can be derived from our mistakes. Do you think Einstein arrived at all his genius solutions and inventions in the very first go? Absolutely not! He made mistakes and using the learning from those, tweaked his next steps. So, the next time you make a mistake, don’t beat yourself up over it or don’t try to brush it under the carpet. Value it, learn from it and apply it!

 You Always Have a Choice

The next time you’re faced with a challenge, a seemingly insurmountable problem or just that inner niggling voice of criticism, how you respond is your choice. Everyday, tell yourself, “You Have a Choice”. Whether you respond to situations with a fixed mindset or with a growth mindset where you expand your perspective, stretch your abilities or scale your strategies, is YOUR choice.

Practice Does Make the Growth Mindset Perfect

As you face challenges and problems, obstacles and even, everyday situations, practice approaching them from the perspective of learning experiences rather than something that you either have to succeed at or will fail at. When you keep practicing something, whether it is a mindset, or a skill, you do achieve perfection. So, sharpen that thought process and keep applying it. Over time, you will get into the habit of looking at things from the perspective of growing rather than feeling frustrated at being stuck!

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