5 Top Resources to Create Growth Mindset in Students

5 Top Resources to Create Growth Mindset in Students

Growth mindset is gaining a lot of importance and attention these days especially in the field of academics and education. Teachers and parents, alike, are working hard to foster a mindset that facilitates young students to “grow” and not box themselves in with a fixed mindset.

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We’ve covered a LOT of ground about growth mindset on the blog, from defining what is growth mindset to the benefits to quotes to help inspire growth mindsets in individuals to even growth mindset activities for kids. Yes, we’ve covered a lot a ground but there is a lot more to talk about.

Today, let’s look at the top 5 resources that can help teachers, educators and parents to create growth mindset in students:

1. Carol Dweck’s Mindset Online website

This site is packed with information and resources on Dweck’s pathbreaking research on growth mindset and how mindset can be changed.

2. Helping Students Motivate Themselves by Larry Ferlazzo 

This book helps you give your students the tools they need to motivate themselves with tips from award-winning educator Larry Ferlazzo.

A comprehensive outline of common classroom challenges, this book presents immediately applicable steps and lesson plans for all teachers looking to help students motivate themselves.

With coverage of brain-based learning, classroom management, and using technology, these strategies can be easily incorporated into any curriculum.

3. 3 Ways to Create a Growth Mindset in Students

This blog post on the site gives you 3 actionable steps to take to inculcate and encourage a growth mindset in students. It all starts with YOU.

4. Teaching Girls to Adopt a Growth Mindset by Laurel School 

While the title of the downloadable PDF targets only girls, the information in this document will benefit teachers for both boys and girls. The PDF outlines not only the differences between Growth and Fixed Mindset but also, offers additional helpful resources for teachers and educators.

5. Growth Mindset and Why it Matters by What Kids Can Do 

This short presentation of videos highlights the importance and impact of growth mindset along with suggested activities and assignments to be done after viewing the videos. You can also download the PDF for the assignments and activities for use in the classroom.

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