**************************** Take GOLDBERG DEPRESSION TEST ****************************

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The depression test has been developed by the psychiatrist Ivan K. Goldberg.
Dr. Ivan Goldberg has worked as a psychiatrist in New York for many years.

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On Goldberg’s depression scale you can see whether you have symptoms of depression or not.
You can also use the scale to see if you are making progress in your treatment, whether it is medical treatment or therapy.
A 5 percent change is a sign of either progress or deterioration. When answering the questions, you should think back 7 days, and try to evaluate your condition in this time span only. Enter to which extent the individual statements suit your condition.

Please note: The test result is NOT a final diagnosis! The scale cannot replace professional help.
If you suspect that you are depressed, please consult with a doctor or mental health professional as soon as possible.
There are 18 questions when you Take Goldberg Depression Test – and they refer to how you have felt and behaved during the past week. For each item, indicate the extent to which it is true, by checking the appropriate box next to the item.

If you suspect that you might suffer from depression, you should contact your doctor or mental health professional as quickly as possible, no matter what test result you get. If you want to, you could print out the test and show it to your doctor or mental health professional. This might help him or her to assess your condition faster.


**************************** Take GOLDBERG DEPRESSION TEST ****************************

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