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Types of mental illness

Types of mental illness There are many types of mental illness, but a lot of people think they are only inherent (something you are born with and cannot get rid of), but what if I told you that I was recently ill and couldn’t come to work – would you not think of the possibility […]

What is mental health?

What is mental health? Although professionals define mental health in different ways, most concur that it’s a simple matter of feeling well. But you might feel well and still have some scrupulous doctor diagnose you with something you’ve never even heard of. Because the medical world recognizes God-knows-what as mental illnesses, it is often impossible […]

Signs of mental illness

Signs of mental illness Signs of mental illness explained: In the global medical world, there is a name for just about anything you could imagine – and mental illnesses is no exception. Far from it. There are literally hundreds of symptoms and hundreds of diagnosable illnesses. Below are listed some of the most common.   […]

How to build confidence

How to build confidence Every single mom on the planet worries about her kids. “Are they healthy? Are they happy? How are things at school?” If these questions are to be answered in a satisfactory way, the kids must have self-confidence, which is why I have put together this short list on how you might […]

How to be confident

How to be confident How to be confident part 2. In this article, I described some practical steps to take in order to boost your self confidence, and since building confidence is like building a house – it needs not only building but also maintenance lest it fall into ruin. Therefore, this article can be […]