The BEST Growth Mindset Quotes for a Stellar 2015

The BEST Growth Mindset Quotes for a Stellar 2015

Growth mindset quotes are hugely popular around here and at Mindsetmax we, firmly believe, that you can change your thoughts to change your world.


We’ve shared a LOT of growth mindset quotes this year and it’s only natural we’d want to wind up the year by sharing these quotes to help inspire, encourage and empower you in the New Year.


Once you read the quotes, absorb them and connect with them, make sure you write them down on notecards or in your journal or even, your white board so that you can continue to review them every single day and stay inspired all through the year.



The Best Growth Mindset Quotes for the Best Year Ahead


There’s a veritable treasure trove of inspiration here. Click on each post to get all the quotes that we’ve shared in the past and choose the ones that resonate with you the most.


  1. Top 15 Quotes to Inspire a Growth Mindset


This handpicked collection of 15 quotes is a great starting point and you’ll find some real gems here to inspire and encourage you. Pick 2 or 3 that really resonate with you.


  1. 30 More Growth Mindset Quotes: Stay Inspired as You Change Your Thoughts


If you need more inspiration for a growth mindset through the year, these 30 quotes will motivate you as you change your mindset to change your life.


  1. Growth Mindset Quotes for Kids


Kids, too, can benefit from a growth mindset and encouraging them by surrounding them with positive quotes will help to make the process more enjoyable and engaging for young minds.


  1. Growth Mindset Quotes for Moms


As a mom, it is easy to feel challenged and overwhelmed by all the demands that life places on you. These growth mindset quotes will help you to see challenges as stepping stones and learning experiences and create a mindset that you will then be able to pass on to your children as well.


  1. Personal Development Quotes for Business Owners


Being a business owner comes with its own unique set of challenges and these quotes will give you the strength and insight you need when faced with obstacles or hurdles or simply, when you need a shot of motivation to tackle that task!

  1. Self Growth Quotes for Entrepreneurs


This is another set of inspiring and encouraging quotes to help you grow and make personal development an integral part of your life as an entrepreneur.


  1. Famous Self Growth Quotes by Successful People


Want to succeed with a growth mindset in the new year? Learn from those who’re already successful. These famous self-growth quotes will help you to scale greater heights, experience more success and learn from the best as you change your mindset for a changed life!


Wishing you a great “growth” inspired New Year from the mindsetmax team!

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