The Enneagram Test: The Easiest, Quickest and Most Inexpensive Way to Prevent Hiring Mistakes

The Enneagram Test: The Easiest, Quickest and Most Inexpensive Way to Prevent Hiring Mistakes


The iEnnegram test app is one of our most popular apps and we aren’t surprised.


The Enneagram Personality Test is definitely one of the most well-known and respected personality tests across the world and with its, typology of 9 different personalities or Enneagram Types, it helps you not only better understand yourself but also, others around you.



If you’re an entrepreneur or in a people manager position at work, you would have probably heard about the Enneagram test along with a few others, but did you know that, unlike many other personality tests, this one is the easiest to administer??


The In-Your-Pocket Personality Test


While modern technology and constant connectivity may have many flaws, there is no doubt that it also offers many advantages. One such advantage is the availability of apps for just about anything under the sun.


The iEnneagram test app is your pocket personality test and one that you can take anywhere, anytime and have others take it too.


For instance, say, you’re hiring a team member and want to be sure they’re a good fit for your organization, you pull out your smartphone, open up the iEnneagram test app and have them take it.


Simple, easy, effortless.


At just $0.99, it is most definitely the most inexpensive way to avoid hiring mistakes and also, learn more about those you’re working with.


Ready to make working as a team work??


Download the iEnneagram Test app for just $0.99 and give it a whirl!


Enneagram for Managers: How to Use this Personality Test to Better Manage People

Enneagram for Managers: How to Use this Personality Test to Better Manage People

The Enneagram personality test has for long been used as a way to understand people and how they function in different situations, including marriage, work, business and more.

Even kids can take the Enneagram and parents can adapt their parenting styles to suit each child.

Today, let’s look at how managers or those in leadership positions can use the Enneagram.

Assign Responsibilities Accordingly – By knowing each team member’s Enneagram type, managers can assign responsibilities in accordance with their respective strengths and help provide greater clarity in roles and increase overall job satisfaction as well.

Defuse Volatile Situations – The workplace can often become a source of stress if volatile and conflict situations aren’t handled properly. By knowing each team member’s personality type, managers can use the Enneagram knowledge and provide feedback in the right way and prevent situations from escalating.

Break Through Barriers – The Enneagram helps managers break through barriers and have a clearer understanding of what their team needs. They are able to focus intensively on team members’ potentialities and inherent talents and leverage those to further increase harmony and trust.

Remove Labelling from the Workplace – Finally, and most importantly, using the Enneagram helps managers and even, team members focus on the challenging behaviors and not label individuals as such. Labels can be detrimental to a person’s self-esteem and using the Enneagram encourages everyone to focus on solutions rather than pulling a person down by using negative labels.

Managers, worldwide, are turning to the Enneagram and using it to build stronger, more cohesive, productive and profitable teams. This personality test will help them not only hire the best talent and fit for their team but also, leverage the existing potential to it’s best capacity.

Are you using the Enneagram as a people manager or leader? Share with us in the comments or join the mindsetmax community on Facebook or Google+.

Recommended Apps: iEnneagram Test  which gives you: Easy Enneagram personality test that pinpoints Enneagram type, Access to 9 Enneagram types of behavior, and Personality test information for the Enneagram types.


Enneagram for Couples: Understanding Relationship Compatibilities Between Different Types

Enneagram for Couples: Understanding Relationship Compatibilities Between Different Types

Using the Enneagram as a tool to understand relationship compatibilities {or the lack of them} can be an effective way to help couples understand each other better and work on strengthening their enneagram relationships rather than getting frustrated, disappointed or overwhelmed with the other person.

Here is a brief overview of the 9 Enneagram types and the uniqueness that they bring with them to the table in a relationship:

Partner to a Personality Type 1

Partners to a Type 1 personality type may often feel overly criticized and talked down to or even judged. However, it would benefit them from knowing that when their partner criticizes them, it isn’t from a place of scorn or contempt. Rather, they truly believe they’re helping you become a better person.

Partner to a Personality Type 2

If you’re partner to a type 2 personality may feel overly loved or mothered even, as they are driven by a deep desire to be a “people pleaser” leaving you feeling that you can’t reciprocate the deep love they have for you. However, being there for them, treating them with respect, and sincere affection is the best way to help them be gentler on themselves and on you.

Partner to a Personality Type 3

Partners to a Type 3 personality type will have to learn to live with schedules, plans and a high-energy lifestyle. Type 3 is a natural go-getter, multi-tasker and will often, have their relationship with you on a list of priorities as well. Loving them, regardless of their success or not in life, is a good way to keep the love flowing and helping them understand that they’re valued and cared for.

Partner to a Personality Type 4

Type 4 can be quite the emotional seesaw with joy and laughter at one minute followed by moodiness and crankiness, the very next. This can be quite stressful for you, as the partner, but learning to treat them with steadiness, stability and special touches will infuse the relationship with strength. At all times, realize and understand that their emotional swings aren’t because of you.

Partner to a Personality Type 5

Well, if you’re in a relationship with a Type 5, you may often feel isolated and alone. Type 5 are more intellectual and logical with a tendency to withdraw into themselves and they enjoy being able to savor their own space. Giving them plenty of time on their own will be helpful in strengthening the bond.

Curious to know about Enneagram Type 6, Enneagram Type 7, Enneagram Type 9 or want to figure out your own enneagram type? Download the iEnneagram Test and iEnneagram Wisdom apps for a deeper, in-depth understanding of how this personality test can help you create a better relationship.


Enneagram in Business: The 9 Types as Entrepreneurs

Enneagram in Business: The 9 Types as Entrepreneurs

Enneagram in business is fascinating and interesting since there are a multitude of ways, entrepreneurs can use the Enneagram test to be more successful at what they do. In an earlier post, we’d shared how business owners can use the Enneagram to create a better business.

Today, let’s take a quick look at the 9 Enneagram types and how they bring their uniqueness and key traits to the business table:

Enneagram type 1- Organized, perfectionist and principled, this type likes to pay attention to details and ensure high quality standards. They often shine in roles where they need to show others how to do things… the right way. They’re not comfortable with laziness and carelessness and can be quite the critic as well.

Enneagram type 2- Generous, compassionate and even, people-pleasing, this type is good at connecting with and networking with people and are quite successful at building strong interpersonal relationships. However, because of the said people-pleasing quality, they tend to say “yes” too often and can run the risk of getting stressed and overwhelmed as well as playing favorites.

Enneagram type 3- Ambitious, focused and committed, Type 3 is high on energy and charm and can use these successfully in an image-conscious business. They can be too driven by work though and tend towards workaholic tendencies but their drive and ambition often, helps them accomplish even seemingly tough goals.

Enneagram type 4- The reflective, expressive and sensitive sort and enjoy adding personal touches and their own personality to products and services. Creative tasks are best suited to this personality type though they can be quite erratic and sensitive to criticism.

Enneagram type 5- Curious, innovative, forever, the explorer, this type is constantly seeking to learn, experiment and innovate. Research-based tasks, data mining or analytics are all areas that will interest and intrigue the Type 5. However, they can be uncommunicative or even, arrogant when they’re not working to bring radical and new ideas to the forefront.

Want to know what roles and strengths Types 6 through Enneagram Type 9 bring with them as entrepreneurs and leaders? Download the iEnneagram Types app and learn more about each type in greater detail and how Enneagram relationships work!

Enneagram- Best-Books-and-Resources-to-Learn-About-this-Personality-Test

Enneagram: Best Books and Resources to Learn About this Personality Test

Enneagram: Best Books and Resources to Learn About this Personality Test

The Enneagram has been one of the most popular personality tests in recent times, due to its depth and clarity at helping people understand themselves and others better.

What does Enneagram Mean?

Today, let’s look at some of the best books and resources to help you understand and learn about this personality test better:

The Wisdom of the Enneagram: The Complete Guide to Psychological and Spiritual Growth for the Nine Personality Types by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson

This book is the first definitive guide to using the Enneagram for spiritual growth and blends psychology with spirituality to offer a better understanding of this personality test. Written by the cofounders of the Enneagram Institute, this book is brimming with charts, boxes and quotes but at the same time, is easy-to-understand and is filled with practical suggestions on how to use the Enneagram for spiritual growth.

The Enneagram Made Easy: Discover the 9 Types of People by Renee Baron and Elizabeth Wagele

While most other books on the Enneagram are academic in tone and style, this book deviates from that path while still being extremely informative and descriptive. Written in a fun and easy-to-understand manner, this book has wit, charm and simplicity as it helps you to understand the concepts of the Enneagram and use it wisely!

The Enneagram in Love and Work: Understanding Your Intimate and Business Relationships by Helen Palmer

This particular book by Helen Palmer focuses on understanding the 9 Enneagram types and how they function in love as well as at work. It offers a good explanation of how different types relate to each other and how to use this understanding to build stronger bonds and teams.

The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram: Nine Faces of the Soul by Sandra Maitri

Sandra Maitri in this groundbreaking book explores the original spiritual dimension of the Enneagram as well as how it highlights a basic spiritual essence within us. She explores how knowing our type can lead to a better and stronger self-fulfillment and spiritual development.

The Essential Enneagram: The Definitive Personality Test and Self-Discovery Guide by David N. Daniels

A fundamental guide to the Enneagram, this book features effective self–tests for the simple, accurate, and confident determination of your own personality type. With concise, step-by-step instructions to discover your personality type, the book then helps you learn what it means and how to leverage your personality type to lead a more fulfilling life. It’s packed with information on each of the nine types and gives you plenty of information to get started with the Enneagram.

Other Resources to Learn About the Enneagram:

Article: Enneagram in Business: How Entrepreneurs Can Use This Personality Test 

Article: Teaching Kids About the Enneagram Types 

Apps: iEnneagram Wisdom 

Apps: iEnneagram Test

Apps: iEnneagram Types

These apps help you delve further into discovering your Enneagram type, understanding the different types, as well as learning how to use it in practical situations and everyday life.