Enneagram for Couples: Understanding Relationship Compatibilities Between Different Types

Enneagram for Couples: Understanding Relationship Compatibilities Between Different Types

Using the Enneagram as a tool to understand relationship compatibilities {or the lack of them} can be an effective way to help couples understand each other better and work on strengthening their enneagram relationships rather than getting frustrated, disappointed or overwhelmed with the other person.

Here is a brief overview of the 9 Enneagram types and the uniqueness that they bring with them to the table in a relationship:

Partner to a Personality Type 1

Partners to a Type 1 personality type may often feel overly criticized and talked down to or even judged. However, it would benefit them from knowing that when their partner criticizes them, it isn’t from a place of scorn or contempt. Rather, they truly believe they’re helping you become a better person.

Partner to a Personality Type 2

If you’re partner to a type 2 personality may feel overly loved or mothered even, as they are driven by a deep desire to be a “people pleaser” leaving you feeling that you can’t reciprocate the deep love they have for you. However, being there for them, treating them with respect, and sincere affection is the best way to help them be gentler on themselves and on you.

Partner to a Personality Type 3

Partners to a Type 3 personality type will have to learn to live with schedules, plans and a high-energy lifestyle. Type 3 is a natural go-getter, multi-tasker and will often, have their relationship with you on a list of priorities as well. Loving them, regardless of their success or not in life, is a good way to keep the love flowing and helping them understand that they’re valued and cared for.

Partner to a Personality Type 4

Type 4 can be quite the emotional seesaw with joy and laughter at one minute followed by moodiness and crankiness, the very next. This can be quite stressful for you, as the partner, but learning to treat them with steadiness, stability and special touches will infuse the relationship with strength. At all times, realize and understand that their emotional swings aren’t because of you.

Partner to a Personality Type 5

Well, if you’re in a relationship with a Type 5, you may often feel isolated and alone. Type 5 are more intellectual and logical with a tendency to withdraw into themselves and they enjoy being able to savor their own space. Giving them plenty of time on their own will be helpful in strengthening the bond.

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