Grow your mind. Grow your life.

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Grow your mind. Grow your life. It’s that simple.

Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset MINDSETMAX™ technology — releases the power to build your destiny via Sound Mental Health psychology today by design your own life from an outstanding toolbox and belief system using Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP techniques, Enneagram Types, Enneagram Personality Test, Self Hypnosis, Thought Field Therapy, Meta-medicine / Meta-Health etc.

Grow your mind. Grow your life! What is mindset?
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Mindset Learn on the iPhone, Android, iPad or iPod Touch

Mindset Learn

Mindset Learn Information overload or overwhelmed ?
Every day?
It usually requires focused daily conscious attention – a mindset and a will to Mindset Learn – to achieve your future goals. That’s why we developed apps so you may train your mindset daily – right at your fingertips.

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Create your mindset. It’s all in the head

Global Mindset

Global Mindset What we think, we become!
Positive psychology today, Mindfulness and generally body-mind-spirit awareness is growing and we think between 12,000 – 50,000 thoughts each day (The National Science Foundation, USA) – so choose your mindset wisely.

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Mindsetmax.com is a leading provider of iPhone, iPad and Andriod apps for personal development conveying a robust Mental Health and extraordinary psychology today. A private partnership held and based in Glostrup, Denmark (Scandinavia, Europe), the company was established in 2009 by Founder and Entrepreneur John Rhodes, within a small office room in his home. Since then, Mindsetmax™ has grown from a small following into a leading and industry recognized Mental Health personal development catalyst via smartphone apps.

In 2010, Mindsetmax™ released their first iPhone applications via the App Store, and has since then been growing rapidly by demand with an industry-leading psychological toolbox at the forefront of what Mindsetmax™ does on a day-to-day basis.
In 2012, Mindsetmax™ released their Android applications via Google Play, and has thereby pursued its goal of becoming the world leader in the global personal development apps market.
2014 will reveal even more personal development and Growth Mindset apps.
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The Vision
To convey an extraordinary psychology today and Mental Health within our global community – the mindset – for a world where people live congruent with their core values, and in every home have simple effective tools for Mindset Learn, Growth Mindset and a Global Mindset.

The Mission
• To produce an extraordinary psychology today and Mindset Learn for everyone who wants reinforcing their Mental Health

• To provide easy effective tools for a Growth Mindset

• To supply Global Mindset tools for everyone via mobile or web technology


John Rhodes, CEO and Founder

Growth Mindset Trainer, NLP Trainer, Enneagram Trainer, Building Excellence Trainer, 5-PATH® Master Hypnotherapist, 7th Path Self-Hypnosis Teacher, Thought Field Therapist, HRD consultant, HR Coach, Stress Coach, Enneagram Coach, NLP Coach, President of the Danish NLP Association (2010 – ), Founder of the MINDSETMAX™ technology and mindsetmax.com – specializing in optimum Mindset Learn conditions and developing of sustained growth mindsets.
B.Sc. in Engineering G+
John has a passion for transforming peoples lives, and has already 29,900+ connections on LinkedIn that follow his updates and activity. Connect with John on LinkedIn today or Follow Mindsetmax on LinkedIn.


Prerna Malik, Social Media Manager

Prerna Malik is a business blogger, social media expert and work-at-home mom coach who shares smart solutions for busy work-at-home moms and juggles multiple businesses with baking cookies with her daughter.
Freelance content creation – writing blog posts and status update material for all social media channels.


Jesper Storm-Frandsen, Android Developer

Freelance projectbased Android Developer with 8+ years of software development experience. Knows all the frontend and backend ins and outs like:

MySQL database, Microsoft SQL server, Postgre, Windows Services .Net C#,
Webservices (WCF Windows Communication Foundation) SOAP, .Net C#
REST services, .Net C#, PHP, Adobe Fireworks, HTML, ASP.Net (C#), PHP, Java, Android.

Who else knows about what all that means ?【ツ】


Kristian Borum, iOS developer

Freelance iOS developer with 20+ years of experience in software development and user interface design.