Corporate social responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy is driven by a single aim: to ensure the impact of our business on society is a positive one.
We believe that responsible business is good business. We know that today’s consumers demand high standards from the companies they support. Working to protect the environment, and setting ourselves high standards, helps us to identify new business opportunities, reduce costs and risks, ensure customer loyalty and attract the best employees.

This website provides summary information about our approach to CSR and the results of our CSR activities. We update it annually to supplement the concise information that we provide in the CSR section. It is intended for anyone seeking more in-depth information about CSR at Mindsetmax, including customers, industry analysts, socially responsible investors, nongovernmental organisations, employees, and sustainability specialists.

Our long-term CSR strategy

Our strategy is intended to keep pace not only with our dynamic business, but also with our broader environment. The global strategy for CSR focuses on three key areas.

– Environmental impact – to manage our environmental impact by:
maximising the positive effects of learning with Mindsetmax products, particularly in regard to reducing print paper waste; and
minimising the effects of our business activities and operations on the planet.

– Supply chain – to reflect the importance we attach to labour conditions, human rights, health, safety and the environment, we aim to ensure that we behave in a socially responsible way towards our consumers, business customers, and suppliers. This includes setting targets to meet current industry standards for supply chain management in the electronics manufacturing supply chain.

-Community giving – to donate our products and expertise to support and enhance the work of charitable organisations.
This strategic focus and its objectives constitutes a clear route map for our CSR journey. We will continue to drive the development and continuous improvement in our CSR activities in line with our overall strategy.