Depression Test

Depression Test

Depression Test


Depression Test


Most of us feel “down”, sad and discouraged, once in a while. For some people, this gloomy mood doesn’t go away. If you sense that you are feeling like this for a continuously long period and it starts to get in the way of your daily living, you may be facing depression. Undergoing a Depression Test is an effective way to assess different parts of your life at any given moment. It can help you in identifying whether you’re displaying any signs of Depression, and how to get started with obtaining the right help.


Some of the top signs of depression are feeling low, gloomy mood, feeling of hopelessness, depleted self-esteem, lack of energy and sleep problems.



Causes of Depression


The exact causes of depression aren’t known, but there are some signs of Depression that are linked to its development. Depression typically, is not the outcome of a single event, but a combination of events over a period of time and other personal reasons.


Characteristics of Depression


Depression is an extremely multifaceted disease in nature, since it can occur for a variety of reasons. Some people might undergo a phase of depression during a grave medical illness. Others may experience it during life changes such as a move or the passing away of a loved one. Some even have a family history of depression and in such cases people feel overwhelmed with loneliness and sadness for no apparent reason.


Life Events and Depression


Research indicates that continuing difficulties such as long-term unemployment, living in an uncaring or abusive relationship, long-term loneliness or isolation, extended exposure to stress in life either at work or elsewhere are more liable to be the root for depression than just recent life stresses. However, a recent event like the loss of a job or a sequence of events can also trigger depression in people who are already predisposed to its risks due to some past bad experiences or personal reasons.


Why Take a Depression Test: Identify Changes in the Brain


What transpires in the brain to lay the foundation for depression is not completely understood. Some indication points towards some changes in the intensities or activity of certain chemicals mainly serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine which are the three chief chemicals connected to mood and motivation. Alterations to stress hormone levels have also been seen in people with depression. Long-term stress can cause alterations in the brain that can trigger depression. Fluctuations in brain chemistry have generally been associated with stern depression rather than minor or moderate depression. A depression or an anxiety test will help screen and identify signs of depression so that proper treatment can be sought.



Everyone is unique and it’s often an amalgamation of various factors that can be a factor to a person showing the signs of depression. The critical thing is to realize the signs and symptoms and look for help early.




An Online Depression Test is an initial screening test for signs of depression that does not substitute in any way a proper psychiatric evaluation. It is intended to give a preliminary impression about the likelihood of mild to moderate depression. We believe, that anyone working to attain a Growth Mindset and being attentive on learning from their oversights, will more easily recuperate from mild to moderate depressive indicators.


Have you taken a Depression/Anxiety quiz? Have you tried a Depression self test/Depression self-quiz?


We recommend you take a Depression Test to help assess any depressive symptoms. You can also learn more about the Goldberg Depression Test or start with some remedial self-help via our iMindsetmax app!