Antidepressants, therapy and medical devices are common depression treatments

Depression treatments

Depression treatments

If you have already attempted all the natural remedies and found that they didn’t work, there are other methods that doctors and professionals use to cure depressions. Keep in mind that a depression is a disease like any other. From a categorical perspective, there is no difference between schizophrenia and depression. Both are illnesses.


Most common methods of depression treatments

Anyway, below I have listed three types of treatments, the two first accounting for the vast majority of depression treatments used by professionals:

  • Medication (antidepressants such as SSRI).
  • Psychotherapy. With adolescents and children, psychotherapy is generally the go-to treatment and medication is only prescribed if therapy is deemed unsuccessful by the therapist. These sessions are basically talks between the patient and a trained psychotherapist, psychiatrist, psychologist or even clinical social workers or nurses. There are many different therapy approaches, one of them being NLP which stands for Neurolinguistic Programming. In a nutshell, NLP is about seeing yourself and your surroundings in a new light, and realizing your potential. If you would like to know more about NLP, we have an app specific for that purpose
  • Medical devices. This is normally seen as a last resort for patients who show resistance to the two other treatments. In most of these devices, the patient is electrically induced with either seizures or brain stimulations. Don’t worry, it’s not the defibrillators that you see used in movies… but it’s down that road.


Depression treatments in apps

Additionally, there are three other clinical techniques you can try in our app for defeating depression.

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