Enneagram in Business: The 9 Types as Entrepreneurs

Enneagram in Business: The 9 Types as Entrepreneurs

Enneagram in business is fascinating and interesting since there are a multitude of ways, entrepreneurs can use the Enneagram test to be more successful at what they do. In an earlier post, we’d shared how business owners can use the Enneagram to create a better business.

Today, let’s take a quick look at the 9 Enneagram types and how they bring their uniqueness and key traits to the business table:

Enneagram type 1- Organized, perfectionist and principled, this type likes to pay attention to details and ensure high quality standards. They often shine in roles where they need to show others how to do things… the right way. They’re not comfortable with laziness and carelessness and can be quite the critic as well.

Enneagram type 2- Generous, compassionate and even, people-pleasing, this type is good at connecting with and networking with people and are quite successful at building strong interpersonal relationships. However, because of the said people-pleasing quality, they tend to say “yes” too often and can run the risk of getting stressed and overwhelmed as well as playing favorites.

Enneagram type 3- Ambitious, focused and committed, Type 3 is high on energy and charm and can use these successfully in an image-conscious business. They can be too driven by work though and tend towards workaholic tendencies but their drive and ambition often, helps them accomplish even seemingly tough goals.

Enneagram type 4- The reflective, expressive and sensitive sort and enjoy adding personal touches and their own personality to products and services. Creative tasks are best suited to this personality type though they can be quite erratic and sensitive to criticism.

Enneagram type 5- Curious, innovative, forever, the explorer, this type is constantly seeking to learn, experiment and innovate. Research-based tasks, data mining or analytics are all areas that will interest and intrigue the Type 5. However, they can be uncommunicative or even, arrogant when they’re not working to bring radical and new ideas to the forefront.

Want to know what roles and strengths Types 6 through Enneagram Type 9 bring with them as entrepreneurs and leaders? Download the iEnneagram Types app and learn more about each type in greater detail and how Enneagram relationships work!

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