Enneagram for Managers: How to Use this Personality Test to Better Manage People

Enneagram for Managers: How to Use this Personality Test to Better Manage People

The Enneagram personality test has for long been used as a way to understand people and how they function in different situations, including marriage, work, business and more.

Even kids can take the Enneagram and parents can adapt their parenting styles to suit each child.

Today, let’s look at how managers or those in leadership positions can use the Enneagram.

Assign Responsibilities Accordingly – By knowing each team member’s Enneagram type, managers can assign responsibilities in accordance with their respective strengths and help provide greater clarity in roles and increase overall job satisfaction as well.

Defuse Volatile Situations – The workplace can often become a source of stress if volatile and conflict situations aren’t handled properly. By knowing each team member’s personality type, managers can use the Enneagram knowledge and provide feedback in the right way and prevent situations from escalating.

Break Through Barriers – The Enneagram helps managers break through barriers and have a clearer understanding of what their team needs. They are able to focus intensively on team members’ potentialities and inherent talents and leverage those to further increase harmony and trust.

Remove Labelling from the Workplace – Finally, and most importantly, using the Enneagram helps managers and even, team members focus on the challenging behaviors and not label individuals as such. Labels can be detrimental to a person’s self-esteem and using the Enneagram encourages everyone to focus on solutions rather than pulling a person down by using negative labels.

Managers, worldwide, are turning to the Enneagram and using it to build stronger, more cohesive, productive and profitable teams. This personality test will help them not only hire the best talent and fit for their team but also, leverage the existing potential to it’s best capacity.

Are you using the Enneagram as a people manager or leader? Share with us in the comments or join the mindsetmax community on Facebook or Google+.

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