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What does Enneagram mean? The Enneagram (from the Greek words gramma [something written or drawn] and ennea [nine]) is representative of human personality, chiefly used as a typology of nine interrelated types. It was Primarily developed by Oscar Ichazo and Claudio Naranjo, but it is also somewhat based on the previous teachings of G. I. Gurdjieff. The typology describes nine personality types, which are characterized by the points of a geometric figure called an enneagram. It also points to some of the influences between the types. The Enneagram can assist us in understanding other people’s and our own personality patterns and hence assist us in better understanding our surroundings and ourselves.


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History and symbol


The Enneagram highlights psychological motivations. Its initial origins are not totally clear. The circular representation may have originated in ancient Sufi customs, and was used by the esoteric teacher George Gurdjieff (1866-1949). However, it is possible that neither the Gurdjieff nor the Sufis imparted knowledge of a system of personality types. The modern form of the personalities appeared in the 20th century, from Oscar Ichazo, a student of Gurdjieff. His personality system, however, stood apart from Gurdjieff’s teachings. Ichazo educated many pupils in Chile, Africa about his system of whom Claudio Naranjo is the most noticeable. In the last few decades, Enneagram has gone through further changes, incorporating contemporary psychological philosophies in the writings of Helen Palmer, Claudio Naranjo, Don Riso/Russ Hudson,Kathy Hurley/Theodorre Donsson.


Application in daily life


The Enneagram is chiefly a diagnostic device of one’s emotional outlook on life. It will not alleviate one’s problems, but can help in pointing out their underlying complexes. It can also be useful as a guide to how many other people see the world in a different way than you do. It has become exceptionally popular within the personal growth and self-help movements, yet other vocations such as teachers, therapists, managers, psychologists and other business people use it as well.


Wake up call for each type


Type 1: I feel personally compelled to resolve everything myself

Type 2: I look to others to get them over on my side

Type 3: I urge myself to achieve status

Type 4: I sustain and strengthen feelings through imagination

Type 5: I retract from reality and vanish into mental world concepts

Type 6: I am reliant on something outside of myself as a guide

Type 7: I feel that something better is existing elsewhere

Type 8: I feel that I must push around and fight to make things happen

Type 9: I acclimatize externally towards other people


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