Enneagram type 3


Enneagram type 3


Enneagram Type 3


The Enneagram type 3 are purposeful and successful at achieving their goals. They are generally good at building a network and also at multitasking. They have the ability to fit in anywhere.


Enneagram Type 3 Temptation


Always wanting to be “the best”


Enneagram type 3 Short Description


The Enneagram type 3, aka The Achiever trusts that you must succeed and accomplish to be loved. As a result, Achievers are goal-oriented, industrious, efficiency-oriented fast-paced, but also can be impatient, inattentive to feelings and image-driven.


Enneagram Type 3 Security


Experiences personality traits from Enneagram type 6


Enneagram Type 3 Stress


Experiences personality traits from Enneagram type 9



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