Enneagram type 5


Enneagram type 5 

Enneagram type 5


The Enneagram type 5 are people who like to gather knowledge. They tend to look at the big picture and are also fascinated by the various correlations in life. They normally shy away from small talk and are often introverts and very private people. 

Enneagram type 5 temptation


Replacing direct experience with concepts 

Enneagram type 5 short description


The Enneagram type 5, aka The Investigator believes you need to guard yourself from a world that requires too much and gives too little. As a result, Investigators pursue self-sufficiency and are non-demanding, unobtrusive, and analytic/thoughtful, but also can be detached, withholding and overly private. 

Enneagram type 5 security


Experiences personality traits from Enneagram type 8 

Enneagram type 5 stress


Experiences personality traits from Enneagram type 7 


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