Enneagram type 6

Enneagram type 6

Enneagram type 6

The Enneagram type 6 is often aware of what can go wrong and hence is very vigilant. A Type6 will often paint the devil’s picture and likes to take the opposite position to look at “the other side”. Type6 are often in doubt and have difficulty with choices.

Enneagram type 6 temptation

Doubt, Indecision, Seeking Reassurance

Enneagram type 6 short description

The Enneagram type 6, aka The Loyalist believes you must ensure security and protection in a perilous world you just can’t trust. As a result, Loyalists are themselves inquisitive, trustworthy, questioning and good friends, but also can be overly accusatory, doubtful, and fearful.

Enneagram type 6 security

Experiences personality traits from Enneagram type 9

Enneagram type 6 stress

Experiences personality traits from Enneagram type 3

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