Enneagram type 7


Enneagram type 7 

Enneagram type 7


The Enneagram type 7 looks forward to trying out new experiences and exciting things  in life. Type7 or The Enthusiast has a positive outlook towards life and things in general and can often find the  solutions to problems. They may appear superficial to some. 

Enneagram type 7 temptation


Thinking fulfillment is somewhere else 

Enneagram type 7 short description


The Enneagram type 7, aka The Enthusiast believes you need to keep life and possibilities open to ensure a good life. As a result, Enthusiast look out for pleasure and possibilities, are upbeat and adventurous and are optimistic, but also can be self-serving to avoid pain and be uncommitted. 

Enneagram type 7 security


Experiences personality traits from Enneagram type 5 

Enneagram type 7 stress


Experiences personality traits from Enneagram type 1 


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