Enneagram type 8


Enneagram type 8


Enneagram type 8


The Enneagram type 8 believes in justice and fights for it even if it is for others. They are strong and often take the lead. They are capable of handling most situations but have a soft inner core which is vulnerable and is shielded by a the strong external.


Enneagram type 8 temptation


Thinking they are completely self-sufficient


Enneagram type 8 short description


The Enneagram type 8, aka The Challenger thinks you must be powerful and strong to ensure regard and protection in a tough world. As a result, Challengers are action oriented and strong and seek justice and are often direct, but also sometimes impulsive overly impactful, extreme.


Enneagram type 8 security


Experiences personality traits from Enneagram type 2


Enneagram type 8 stress


Experiences personality traits from Enneagram type 5



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