Extended DISC Personality Test

Extended DISC 101: Understanding a Modern Personality Test Report

Extended DISC 101: Understanding a Modern Personality Test Report

Extended DISC 101: Understanding a Modern Personality Test Report

Every business organization needs to know its people in order to function smoothly and profitably. Knowing people is of immense business value and can help improve and fine tune processes such as hiring, productivity, communication, sales, team behavior, business planning and more.


So, organizations need a tool that helps them do exactly that.


Not just that, individuals, too, need to know their inherent strengths and areas of opportunities so as to make the right job decisions, identify key job roles and make appropriate career choices.


Enter, the Extended DISC Personality Test. This personality profiling tool is a scientifically validated and reliable personality/behavioral assessment that is designed to provide organizations with information about individual behavioral styles, strengths, development areas, skills, opinions, perceptions and expectations.

What is the Extended Disc?

The Extended Disc is a personality assessment test that works with 160 variables of behavioral analysis to produce an extraordinarily accurate picture of an individual and how they are likely to perform in their work environment matched against their natural style.


You can take the test online and complete it within as little as 15 minutes. On completion, you receive a 9-page report outlining your strengths and weaknesses, motivators and demotivators, team alignment, and many other modules of information that will help your team leader or employer make appropriate decisions about your role and responsibilities.


Why Extended Disc Personality Test?

The Extended Disc theory has been shown to be 90% accurate and can be taken in nearly 50 languages and covers more behavioral styles than any other tool. It recognizes almost 160 styles as compared to other popular tests, including the Myers-Briggs which covers 16.


Not only that, it is very difficult to cheat on the Extended Disc because it also measures the individual on both conscious and unconscious levels.


Most importantly, the Extended Disc not only assesses the individual but also helps them by understanding how they can use their own unique style when interacting with others. It also helps to improve their emotional intelligence quotient and empowers them to develop concrete action plans to improve both individual and team performance.


Recommended Reading:

Extended DISC® Self-Development Guide: 4 Steps to Effective Communication by Markku Kauppinen.
This practical, easy-to-use guide provides you with the map to more successful interactions with others. You will learn to understand the four DISC behavioral styles, increase your self-awareness and how others perceive you, how to read other people and better understand them, and how to effectively adjust your communication style to achieve your goals.


Recommended Test – Online:

Take the Extended Disc Personality Test to get your personalized report and also the option for Skype feedback.


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