DISC or DISK Test ?

Extended DISC Test

Extended DISC or DISK Test benefits

Disk Test gives a Hard drive benchmark and Extended DISC test accurately predicts behavior as well as personality. Instead of 16 variables Extended DISC works with 160 variables of behavioral analysis to produce an extraordinarily accurate picture of an individual and how they are likely to perform in their work environment matched against their natural style.
After doing the test online (which takes approx. 15 minutes) each individual receives a 9 page report. This report (with feedback from a trained consultant) is of tremendous value to the person and to an employer or team leader.
The benefits of a test include a very clear picture of:
1. A person’s strengths and weaknesses,
2. A person’s motivators and demotivators
3. How they will relate in a team
4. What tasks require high levels of energy and which ones are easier….and so much more
Extended DISC has been shown to be 90% accurate in over 100,000 individual cases worldwide. The test can be done in many languages, of an individual or a work pair, or a whole team pinpointing the key issues and providing a range of invaluable resources to enable companies and organizations to get the right people in the right positions.


DISC or DISK Test outcome

– Get the best from yourself, your people and your organisation

– Make career choices that play to your strengths

– Identify ideal job roles, key strengths and motivators

– Discover previously unknown development areas and devise suitable action plans in response


Test reason

As human beings we are all unique. We have our own way of doing things and behaving in different situations. These differences often cause challenges in our professional and personal lives. Through the test we can understand how we are different and how we can effectively interact with other behavioral styles and, therefore, ultimately improve our performance.
The test is also a powerful tool for improving emotional intelligence as it provides interpersonal and intrapersonal insights into one’s behavioral style. The Extended DISC System (EDS) is designed to provide users with everything they need to develop practical action plans to enhance individual, team and organizational performance.


Test report only – $159.00
Please see product below for description
* This product does not include feedback. Report is emailed to you.

Test report + Skype feedback – $199.00
The online questionnaires takes only 10-15 min. to complete. Results can be used for:
• Individual & team development
• Leadership development
• Sales & Performance management
* 15 min. Skype to Skype feedback afterwards is included
Receive a comprehensive report & interpretation specifically about YOU
+ suggesting further reflection and action

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Choose whether it is your harddisk or yourself you want to test with a DISC or DISK Test