Extended DISC Assessment

Extended DISC Assessment


Extended DISC Assessment


Understanding Extended Disc – You can learn more about yourself by choosing an Extended DISC Assessment (Online Disc Assessment) via the Extended DISC Test utilizing our Disc Personality Assessment Tool!
Extended DISC Assessment success is dependent on the robust ability to deliver information to make sounder decisions. Assessments often tell us what we already know. If a tool only delivers information that the user is already mindful of, it then has limited worth.


Extended DISC Assessment intends to provide information that is actionable, makes an impact, critically, has a positive effect on performance. Assessments are in the form of a self-assessment that identifies the strengths and development areas of a given individual. The Extended DISC Assessment is able to gauge the hard-wired behaviors to omit the influence of the environment.



What that means is that the results demonstrate who the individual really is and not what the individual thinks he/she needs to be in the prevailing environment. Consequently Disc Assessment Validity recognizes the development areas and the true strengths to allow for real improvement. Read more about the Extended DISC


The Extended DISC Assessment process


The Assessments are easy to use and the results are available within a few minutes.
Questionnaires are accessible in over 50 languages to tend the needs of today’s varied workforce and the reports are customizable.


Extended DISC Assessment – Application or Use


Some of the most common areas of applying this test for Personal Analysis in organizations universally are:
1. Organization and Leadership development
2. Interaction skills training and communication
3. Customer service and sales training
4. Coaching and many more.
One of the biggest strengths of Extended DISC Assessment is that it integrates well with other Extended DISC® tools. Consequently, one can also utilize it for:
5. Team and Work Pair Analysis
6. Job Analysis and 360˚ Feedback

Learn more about yourself by using the Extended DISC Assessment Tool (Online Disc Assessment) via this link Extended DISC Test !