Extended DISC Profile

Extended DISC Profile 

Extended DISC Profile


Self- awareness about our “flow” is not something that comes to most of us naturally and most businesses don’t realize the importance of positioning people in the functions of the business that let them be in their “flow”. Consequently, many businesses have to live with the fact that most of their key personnel tend to operate somewhat detached from their truth in terms of not being in their flow at the workplace. 

Business psychology has noticed the fact that excellence is best encouraged and often found by letting employees and leaders to work from their flow and from their strengths. By doing this the business will be leveraging the best potential out of their workforce. By being in the flow an individual performs at an optimal level and also with a degree of natural application and often find that this is when they produce their best work. Learn more about Extended Disc and Disc profile explanation here Extended Disc


Extended DISC Profile system


The Extended DISC Profile is a scientifically substantiated and dependable behavioral/personality assessment. It has been used, by over 40 million people, across the world. It assists us in knowing and understanding ourselves and also to understand others. The Extended Disc Profile also helps us to be able to recognize where they are coming from so that we can more effectively inform, communicate, and inspire them. 

There are four basic styles known as “D,” “I,” “S”, and “C.” We all have aspects of each of these styles within us however it is the grade of strength of each dimension that desires to be freely and fully expressed naturally by an individual which establishes their natural style, environmental and motivational needs, as well as what contribution is to be expected from them towards the organization. 

Extended DISC Profile fundamentals


1. All styles have fundamental strengths and no style is superior – All of us have natural areas of strength and also areas where we have to improve and grow.
2. We come into this world prone to a particular personality type and do not change from one type to another.
3. We may find that the degree of intensity of a particular dimension varies over time depending on what environment and/or stage of life we are in. This happens due to our ability to adapt.
4. We want to and can adapt our style depending on the demands of a situation or even from the demands of others to help make a connection.
5. An approach of acceptance without judgment lets us express the healthy facets of our style.


Extended DISC Profile application


Some of the most common areas of applying this test for Personal Analysis in organizations universally are:
1. Organization and Leadership development
2. Interaction skills training and communication
3. Customer service and sales training
4.  Coaching and many more.
One of the biggest strengths of Extended DISC Assessment is that it integrates well with other Extended DISC® tools. Consequently, one can also utilize it for:
5. Team and Work Pair Analysis
6. Job Analysis and 360˚ Feedback


Learn more about the Extended Disc Assessment Tool, Extended Disc vs Disc, Disc profile chart and yourself by taking an Extended DISC Test via link Extended DISC Test