Goal Setting Tips to Create a Millionaire Mindset in the New Year

Goal Setting Tips to Create a Millionaire Mindset in the New Year

With the New Year around the corner, we’re sure you in full goal setting mode to make the next year your best ever. In our earlier post, we shared tips to set smart mental health goals for the next year. Today, let’s talk about Millionaire Mentality and how you can set goals to help you create a millionaire mindset in the New Year.

Understanding What is a Millionaire Mindset and How Do Millionaires Think

A millionaire mindset is simply a way of thinking, perceiving and doing that focuses on being committed to being rich.

Here’s how to know if you have a millionaire mindset. {add link to this post http://mindsetmax.com/millionaire-mindset-do-you-have-one/ }

Goal Setting for Millionaire Mindsets

In order to change your thought pattern from that of “not having enough” to one of having millions, you need to set goals that help you make the change easily enough.

1.Take Action Everyday for a Millionaire Mindset

One of the first goals you must set is to take action every day. Commit to starting the project you’ve been procrastinating about. Commit to making that change to waking up earlier than usual to get more work done. Yes, taking action, no matter how small will help you get things moving and put you in the right headspace.

2. Learn from and Study the Millionaires

Another goal that you must set is to actually learn from the lives of the millionaires or billionaires before you and study how they took their decisions, made progress or dealt with the highs and lows of life which could give you valuable insights into their millionaire mindset.

3. Watch Your Thoughts

The other goal that you must set in order to change your thoughts is to watch your thoughts. Pay attention to when you slip into “not” mode or “can’t” mode. Focus on your inner language so that when you catch yourself saying “ I don’t have enough money” or “I can’t afford this”, you can change it to a positive soundtrack.

4. Get Help to Make the Change

Finally, don’t go alone. Goals are better achieved when you have accountability and assistance to make them happen. Choose an accountability partner to discuss your progress with or the things you’re finding particularly challenging.

Also, getting help in the form of a book or an app to help you stay inspired, focused and make the change will be particularly useful in keeping you on track.

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