Growth Mindset Activities for Kids

Growth Mindset Activities for Kids

Growth Mindset Activities for Kids

Growth Mindset Activities for Kids

“The wrong kind of praise creates self-defeating behavior. The right kind motivates students to learn.” – Carol Dweck. Also see blog post Growth Mindset for Students


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Yes, how we talk to our children can make the greatest impact on the mindset they develop. In our past posts on the site, we’ve talked about the importance of growth mindset and how to develop a growth mindset as well as mindset inspiration quotes or Growth Mindset Quotes.


Yes, we’ve shared a lot about it, because it is all important.



More so, when we’re talking about children. Because shaping our mindset early on makes all the difference when we grow up.


So, here are some growth mindset activities to help you instill the growth mindset in your children:


Instill the growth mindset in your children:

1. Praise Your Kids Right

Start by praising your children for how they tackle a task rather than how well they do it. Instead of saying “you’re so smart at this”, say “ you worked really hard on this!”


Also, always make sure that your praise is sincere and real. Children are quick to notice when you don’t mean what you say and this may lead to them losing “faith” in all the praise that you offer.


2. Emphasize Effort

Placing stress on effort and approach helps kids to see that they can achieve their goals by working hard. Help your child to see the connection between action and result. Reinforce the learning experience and help them see mistakes made as opportunities for improvement and growth.

3. Encourage Challenges

Don’t let stereotypes prevent your kids from exploring new avenues and taking on challenges. “Our family isn’t good at math” or “ Science doesn’t run in your genes” are statement that prevent kids from “growing their mind” and keeps them in a fixed mindset. Instead, let children explore challenges and overcome them via effort and experience.


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Therefore, Grow your mind – grow your life via your Growth Mindset today!