Growth Mindset: The Complete Guide for Parents

Growth Mindset: A Guide for Parents

All this month, we’ve been looking at the importance of growth mindset and how it influences success and shapes our personalities and potential.

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In today’s post, let’s look at how parents can use the principles of growth mindset to set up kids for greater success:

Getting Started

The first step is to understand what such a mindset is all about. It will take some practice on your part, especially, if you’ve had a fixed mindset all your life to make those changes and switch to a growth mindset-style of thinking for your kids.

Here’s where you should start:

What is Growth Mindset

Benefits of Growth Mindset

Moving Forward with a Growth Mindset Lifestyle

Once you’ve realised and understood the significance and role that such a mindset can play in your child’s life, it is time for you to move forward and make changes, subtly and slowly, in the way you praise efforts, acknowledge results and motivate your child.

All these shifts will result in shifts in mindsets and self-belief for your child and over time you will see results in how they’ll approach challenges, obstacles and even, failures.

How to Develop a Growth Mindset 

Growth Mindset Activities for Kids

Resources to Keep Handy

Growth Mindset from Tony Robbins

Apps for Growth Mindset

Creating such a mindset in kids can be helpful to them as they grow up and navigate the world. Dealing with challenges, complicated situations and criticism will all be much easier and more constructive if they have the right mindset to help them grow!

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