Growth Mindset Examples: How Everyday Situations Create Opportunity for Learning and Progress

Growth Mindset Examples: How Everyday Situations Create Opportunity for Learning and Progress


Growth mindset is a topic we have dealt with in extensive detail on this blog. From quotes to activities to habits, we’ve talked about it all.


Today, however, let’s look at real examples of everyday situations and how your response can be a growth mindset one rather than a fixed mindset on.




Growth Mindset Examples from Everyday Situations


Example 1: Running late and missing the bus or car pool


We’ve all faced this situation. We wake up late and jump out of bed, already stressed and then, skip breakfast and coffee, hurriedly dress, rush to the curb to find that we’ve missed the bus or the car pool.


A fixed mindset response will be to mutter, curse and call yourself or someone else names and then, remain in a foul mood for the rest of the day.


A growth mindset response will be to decide to go to bed earlier tonight, set an alarm and lay out your clothes and breakfast dishes in the evening itself, so that tomorrow can be better and different.


Example 2: Poor feedback from the boss


So, you reach office and your boss calls you in to yell at you about a report you’d prepared or a project you’re handling. They think you aren’t doing a great job of it.


The fixed mindset response will be to beat yourself up, feel that you aren’t talented or skilled enough for the job or that your boss is a moron who has no idea what it takes, and then, spend the rest of the day cribbing and complaining and even, job hunting.


The growth mindset response will be to evaluate your performance, seek actual, constructive feedback that can help you improve, figure out what can be better with your project and then, do that and move on!


Example 3: Praising your child


Kids love praise and parents love giving it. So, when you’re child comes to you with an A on his math paper, you can either go the fixed mindset route and say “You’re so smart” or you can go the growth mindset way and acknowledge the effort he or she put in, saying “ Wow, you really worked hard on that paper!”


Example 4: Handling a new project or task


What is your first thought when you’re entrusted with a new project or challenge at work or even, at home. Do you think “I’m not qualified for this. I can’t do this. Numbers/tech/design are not my cup of tea.”


OR do you go, “Okay, let’s see how we can make this work. What do I need to bring to the table with me? How can I learn so that we can nail this?”


The former approach, as you may have guessed already, is the fixed mindset approach while the latter, is the growth mindset one.


So, the next time, you’re faced with any of these everyday situations, pause before you react and evaluate your response. Soon, thinking in a growth mindset fashion will come naturally to you and before you know it, challenges will excite you and you’ll find yourself literally growing successful.


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Are you curious about the definition of growth mindset or teaching growth mindsets to your children?

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  1. Samantha StudebakerCarl
    Samantha StudebakerCarl says:

    Great suggestions Mindset Max!

    It’s so important to realize there is more than one way to react to a given situation and if you want to improve your life, you’ve got to look for opportunities for becoming a better version of yourself.

    I love how you used everyday examples to show exactly how one would go begin going about doing this!

  2. Prerna Malik
    Prerna Malik says:

    Hi Samantha..Glad you like the post and you’re absolutely right about looking for opportunities for becoming a better version of yourself.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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