Growth Mindset for Kids: What Your Child’s Teacher Wants You to Know About It

Growth Mindset for Kids: What Your Child’s Teacher Wants You to Know About It

Growth mindset in kids can make a HUGE impact in helping them grow up to be adults who do well in academics, society and life, in general.

Fostering a growth mindset is all about giving kids the tools they need to believe in themselves, be committed and do the work.

Here’s everything that teachers at your child’s school want you to know about growth mindset:

Fostering the right mindset is for both the home and the school

If you think that sending your child to school will help create a growth mindset and that the teacher is solely responsible for it, this article will show you how after-school activities and your involvement can actually make a bigger impact.

Succeeding at studies starts at home

Successful students have certain habits that help them succeed and surprisingly, these habits start at home. Whether it is learning to prioritise or create a schedule, you need to set the foundation right for them to stay committed. This article on success tips for students will get you on the right path.

Rely on trusted resources

Teachers want you to rely on trusted resources for creating a growth mindset and take action that’ll be constructive and positive. This resource guide outlines the top resources to help create a growth mindset in students.

Growth mindset creation is an ongoing process

Creating a growth mindset in your kids is ongoing. You need to spend time and effort on it. This complete guide on growth mindset for parents will give you plenty of food for thought and action items. And this document listing growth mindset activities and assignments will give you plenty to do with your kids at home.

As teachers in schools increasingly adopt Dweck’s growth mindset philosophy and principles, as parents we can do our bit and equip our children to flourish and progress, positively.

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