Growth Mindset and Maths: What is the Link Between the Two

Growth Mindset and Maths: What is the Link Between the Two

Growth mindset- the mindset that lays more emphasis on effort rather than inherent talent, that encourages a student to try harder, overcome challenges and builds the belief that intelligence is NOT fixed but can be increased or changed.
Can having a growth mindset impact your mathematical abilities?
Short answer: yes.
Long answer, read on!

Growth Mindset and Maths: The Research


According to Carol Dweck, the pioneer in the field of growth mindset, “students beliefs about their intelligence played a key role in how they fared in math across this challenging school transition.” The transition, in question, referred to the study Dweck and her colleagues conducted on over 373 students who moved to 7th grade with equal prior math achievement.


Their study revealed “First, students with the growth mindset, compared to those with the fixed mindset, were significantly more oriented toward learning goals. Although they cared about their grades, they cared even more about learning. Second, students with the growth mindset showed a far stronger belief in the power of effort.”


Using Growth Mindset Training to Teach and Improve Mathematical Abilities


Teachers in the classroom can employ growth mindset training to actually bring about a difference in students’ math skills and abilities.


From viewing a struggling student as a challenge to praising students for their efforts, teachers can help learners learn the importance of effort and mistakes rather than validating their schoolwork.


Dweck through her research has illustrated the impact that praising effort has on developing a growth mindset so if a math teacher can praise the effort or process a child has followed instead of focusing on the mistake, there are much greater chances of a child learning to love math instead of hate it.


Resources for Growth Mindset and Educators


Whether you’re a teacher in a school or a homeschooling parent, using growth mindset training techniques will go a long way in helping you to instill a love for math in the learner.


Here are some resources on growth mindset and children:


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