Habits of Successful People: Fostering a Growth Mindset

Habits of Successful People: Fostering a Growth Mindset

Growth mindset. Yes, we have talked a lot about this in the last few weeks. From understanding the impact of growth mindset for students to a growth mindset guide for parents, we’ve gone beyond basics of understanding what it is and learning how to apply its principles to our lives.

Today, let’s look at how growth mindset is one of the key habits or rather, the traits, of most successful people.

Successful People Foster a Growth Mindset

Every success has had its share of failures in the past. We may not always see it or know about it, but there is hardly a success that has not had a failure or two under its belt.

The difference is that successful people don’t let failures define who they are and what they can do.

The believe in learning from their mistakes, changing their mindset and believe that challenges and obstacles are just another stepping stone.

Think of Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney. All these hugely successful people faced failures at various stages of life but they didn’t let their failures define their futures or their mindset.

Successful People Welcome Challenges and Obstacles

Not only do successful people treat failures as part of their learning curves, but they also welcome challenges and obstacles as opportunities to grow and progress.

Challenges and obstacles give them an opportunity to discover hidden strengths or potential or learn something new about themselves. Because a growth mindset encourages developing talents through effort, persistence and teaching, they treat these challenges as just another way of “teaching”.

Successful People Look Forward to Developing New Talents

That’s right. Successful people don’t just settle for having a “fixed” amount of intelligence or talents or abilities. They’re willing to push the limits and expand, grow and strive higher than ever. Whether in sports or in business, you’ll constantly see those with growth mindsets setting the bar higher for themselves. That is why successful people always seem to be adding another feather to their cap when actually, all they’re doing is growing with every single step, every stumble, every stride.

Want to develop a growth mindset for greater success? We have you covered.

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