How to build confidence

How to build confidence

Every single mom on the planet worries about her kids. “Are they healthy? Are they happy? How are things at school?” If these questions are to be answered in a satisfactory way, the kids must have self-confidence, which is why I have put together this short list on how you might give them that. But keep in mind that building confidence in others and inspiring them, is not just for moms but for anyone who wants to help their loved ones. Confidence is major component in being happy and enjoying life.


How to build confidence: Be an inspiring and positive mirror

Children learn to mirror their parents, including their parents’ self-confidence. If you’re not confident about yourself and what you can do in life, your child will most likely not be either. I have written other articles, where I list some easy tips on how to do that. And don’t try to fake confidence, kids can spot fake behavior right away and you’ll end up doing more harm than good.


How to build confidence: Play with them

Not just every now and then. Children need to play not only with other kids their age, but also their parents. The people that we learn the most from in our lives are our parents, and playing with your children makes them think “I am worth her time, so I must be a cherished person and what I’m doing is right”. Nothing builds confidence like feeling you mean something to those you look up to, i.e. your parents.


Encourage them to help around the house

No doubt this will bring up a warning sign in a lot of heads: “I cannot possibly put my child to work at such a small age!” But they don’t see it that way. A toddler who has an interest in vacuum cleaners would see vacuuming as a duty or job the same way that we do. To him/her, it stimulates the mind the same way that playtime does. A girl who likes napkins would not mind setting the dinner table in a fashionable way. Also, children need ways to prove their competence and feel that their contribution is appreciated. Every single child loves to make their mom or dad proud and these are ways in which you can let them do that.


Help your child make its own choices

For example by asking them if they think it’s too cold outside to wear mittens or not. Even if they say “I don’t know”, they still pondered the question in their minds. Choosing freely makes children trust themselves and feel good about it. Doing everything for our children does not help them – it rather sends them the signal that you do not trust in their ability, and how do you think that impacts their self-confidence?


Praise the effort, not the result

Excessive praise can lead the child to think they need to be perfect and never fail, and then what do you think happens when they do fail? Wanting to please one’s parents, but never feeling able to do so is probably the biggest cause of low confidence in kids. Therefore, teach them that there’s no such thing as failure, there is only progress.


For additional info, we have developed apps specifically designed to understand different personality types in children and the development they go through. Check it out! You can also read another article for more information on how to build confidence in children.

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