How to Use Positive Sayings and Thoughts to Stop Negative Thinking

How to Use Positive Sayings and Thoughts to Stop Negative Thinking

How to Use Positive Sayings and Thoughts to Stop Negative Thinking

How to Use Positive Sayings and Thoughts to Stop Negative Thinking

In our last post, we looked at the power of positive sayings and words and how they can help change our life, today, let’s see how to actually use these positive sayings and quotes to stop negative thinking and be more positive in our outlook.



We did share a brief overview of the ways in which one can use these positive sayings to bring about a change in our thinking, today let’s delve in detail into 5 different methods of using inspirational words and sayings to change our life:

1. Start Your Day on a Positive Note

That’s right. How you start your day makes a huge difference to how you feel all through it. So, start right by reading or writing something that truly inspires you. Set your intention with the positive saying that resonates the most with you. If you have a bulletin board, write the thought or quote on it so that it may continue to inspire you through the day.


2. Make a Positive Sayings Pinboard

Collect your favorite Positive Life Sayings and Positive Inspirational Quotes and put them together into a collage, a journal or a pinboard. Pinboards are boards created on the hugely popular social network, Pinterest. Click through to see and follow us on our Inspiring Quotes Pinboard.


Having all your favorites in one place will give you constant and easy access to them.


3. When Stuck in a Rut, Read Something Inspiring

Books and Positive Words hold great power. So, read right to enjoy a positive frame of mind. When you feel as if you’ve lost your zest for life, head to the bookstore and pick books that have a strong positive focus. Autobiographies are a great place to start since they generally, recount the struggles and subsequent triumphs of successful people and leave you with hope and inspiration. Download our iNLP 1-2-3 vol. 1 app to experience this for yourself.


4. Listen to Inspirational and Positive Audios

Like books, audio too can impact your state of mind and thought process. Listening to audios that help you change, improve, grow are all fantastic ways of changing your negative thought process into a positive, uplifting one.


5. Use Technology to Inspire You

Finally, use technology to change your negative thinking into positive thoughts. Have a laptop? Create desktop wallpapers with your favorite inspirational quotes. Use a smartphone? Set reminders with positive sayings so that in the middle of the day when you’re besieged by feelings of hurt and anger, a Positive-Thinking Quotes reminder can help you think positive. Going for a run? Take your iPod with you to listen to inspirational talks by world leaders and real-life successes.


Yes, the ways you can use positive sayings to change your negative mindset are many. Which one will YOU use today? Share with us in the Mindsetmax community on Facebook and Twitter to share, connect and grow!


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Therefore, Grow your mind – grow your life by starting with Positive Sayings today!