Mental Health Apps for Kids: Must-Have Apps to Help Children with Anxiety, Depression and Shyness

Mental Health Apps for Kids: Must-Have Apps to Help Children with Anxiety, Depression and Shyness

Mental health Apps for kids can be a big help for parents whose children experience extreme anxiety or shyness or even, depression.

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Children, these days, are prone to a whole lot more stress and pressure than the earlier generations and since, they’re also more technologically savvy, apps can be a great way to help them manage these stressors and have a positive influence on their mental health.

Mental Health Apps for Kids

Here are our top picks for mental health apps that help kids with their mental health!


MindShift is an app designed to help teens and young adults deal with anxiety and develop more effective ways of thinking along with taking action-oriented steps to take charge of their anxiety.

The app includes strategies as well as tools to help the younger generation tackle issues,like perfectionism, test anxiety, worry, performance anxiety and more.

You can get details about this mental health MindShift here.

Even Monsters are Shy

This fun and sweet app is a story about a boy and his monster, Gurk is a lovely way to help children overcome their shyness gently and lovingly. The app is interactive and the story unfolds with Gurk trying various things to overcome shyness and finally, has a happy ending as well.

It also, includes fun games, original music and sound effects.

You can download Even Monsters are Shy here.


This social sharing gratitude journal app helps kids and grown ups, alike, to share happy moments, joyful thoughts and the posts can be sorted into collections or categories.

This free app helps users keep track of their happy moments and is based on the research that finding positive things to focus on is a natural mood booster and helps people to be less stressed and move towards a state of positive mental health.

Download Happier here.

These mental health apps for kids are non-violent and fairly simple to use. Using them on a regular basis can help children to monitor their moods, keep track of their feelings and take conscious action to feel happier, less anxious and more confident.

Do you have some favorite mental health apps that you like using for your kids? Do you often read about the various types of mental health problems and refer to other mental health resources? Have you ever taken a mental health assessment or a mental health disorders symptoms quiz? Share with us in the mindsetmax community on Facebook, Twitter or G+.

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