Mental Health: How Can Affirmations Help and 10 Affirmations to Help Feel Better

Mental Health: How Can Affirmations Help and 10 Affirmations to Help Feel Better

Mental health or the state of our internal well being is greatly impacted by our internal dialogue, or the thoughts that we entertain about our selves.

Training your mind to think positive is an effective way to change that self dialogue and use it to promote your mental health as well.

“You are worth it.”
“You can do it.”
“I am capable”

These are all simple yet powerful examples of affirmations which can be great mental health resources.

To affirm something is to validate it, to establish it’s importance and to make it “real” in one’s life.

Scientists and researchers have in several studies documented the impact of positive self-talk on the performance and health of individuals. Here’s Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz talking about why affirmations work from a science perspective.

So, now that you know how and why affirmations work, let’s get started.

Here are 10 powerful affirmations designed to help you not just think positive and feel better, but also, make a difference to your mental health.

Affirmations to Improve Mental Health

1. I embrace joy and happiness, today.

2. I choose to forgive. I choose to move. I am moving on.

3. I am happy. I am joyous. I am filled with pure happiness.

4. I am confident and stress-free.

5. I can deal with this with strength and clarity.

6. I am strong. I am capable. I am healthy.

7. I enjoy excellent health, physically and mentally.

8. I feel brave. I feel strong. I feel ready to take on anything.

9. I embrace wholesome living.

10. I am happy, healthy and healed.

Using These Mental Health Affirmations:

While repeating them and of course, placing them in different places where you can see them and be reminded of them is definitely the place to start, you would also, benefit hugely by actually believing in them, first.

Believe and you will see the difference.

Have you tried a mental health disorders symptoms quiz or any other form of mental health assessment?

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to substitute, offer or replace medical advice. If you’re consistently experiencing different types of mental health problems, please consult a professional.

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