Mental Health Habits of Successful People: Thinking Differently

This series of posts on mental health habits has so far covered varied Mental Health Resources such as developing and strengthening habits, creating a growth mindset, thinking like a millionaire, and most importantly, taking care of one’s mental health to avoid various types of mental health problems.

Today, let’s talk about thinking differently and how that can help one’s mental health and also help succeed.

History is witness to the fact that those who thought differently, experienced different results from the mass majority. Whether it was Steve Jobs whose company, Apple, originally carried the banner of “think differently” as an ad slogan or great thinkers like, Plato and Socrates, thinking differently has always helped people to progress, move forward, break boundaries and experience how limitless their potential to grow can be.

Here is how YOU, too, can start to be more innovative in your thoughts with these mental health success habits and see the results:

Mental Health Success Habit: Question… everything

One of the first ways to start thinking differently is to question everything. Don’t just accept something as the ONLY way to do/say/feel something just because that’s how it has been for years.

Question it. See whether it can be different, better, improved, innovated upon? Use a growth mindset!

Yes, innovation is the cornerstone of thinking differently and questioning everything will help you get those grey cells ticking and thinking… differently.

Mental Health Success Habit: Work at thinking differently

The second habit to help you succeed in life, create a growth mindset and at thinking differently is to keep at it. Don’t just do brainstorming, questioning, reviewing, reworking as a one-off exercise. Keep at it. Repeat it. Work at it so that thinking out of the box and looking at things from a perspective different from that of others starts to come naturally to you.

Mental Health Success Habit: Don’t be afraid to test waters

One of the reasons many people are wary or even, nervous about thinking differently is because it forces them to test the waters, it presents a risk of failure, it opens up their work to possible criticism by those who aren’t used to being questioned. Yes, testing the waters is an important part of thinking differently and you need to be prepared to jump in and swim.

Thinking differently, like most habits of success or most Mental Health Resources, will need practice, repetition and a firm belief in your self before it starts to show you the results it has shown innovators and thinkers of the past.

Start with these mental health and growth mindset success habits today!

How can YOU think differently? What are some of the other mental health and growth mindset habits of successful people that you want to read about? Do you feel boxed-in thinking is holding you back from succeeding?

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