Mental Health Tips for an Enriching and Energizing New Year

Mental Health Tips for an Enriching and Energizing New Year

As you wrap up this year, are your thoughts filled with how tired or exhausted you were most of the time?  Do you want to make the New Year more energizing and active than this one? Read on for some simple, actionable mental health tips that will infuse more energy into the New Year and help you gain a more positive Mindset.

1. Commit to Getting Outdoors Everyday

One of the best ways to infuse more energy and enrich your mental health as well as physical health is to get outdoors every day. Whether it is for a walk, a run or just sitting in the garden reading, being outdoors will help you clear your head, breathe in fresh air, appreciate the little things and feel recharged when you come back inside.

2. Connect with At Least One Person Everyday

In this day and age of social networks and emails, we often forget to really connect with another person via old-fashioned conversations, phone calls or even, letters.

Connecting with others is great for mental health. Talking to another person will help you see perspective, value what you have and help you feel better, almost instantly.

The key though is to connect with people who support and lift you up rather than those who are negative themselves and only thrive in pulling or putting others down. This can help you immensely with creating a positive mindset.

3. Commit to Eating Clean and Healthy for Good Mental Health

The right diet is vital for good mental health. Eating junk will make you feel like, junk. So focus on eating healthy.

Raw foods, energy-boosting nuts, health-filled proteins and complex carbohydrates will all leave you feeling fresher, more alert and of course, filled with energy.

It’s difficult to feel low or depressed or miserable when your body is filled with energy boosters!

4. Start or Restart a Hobby to Boost your Mental Health

All work and no play makes everyone a dull boy or girl. As busy as you may seem to be, take time out every week to engage in a non-work hobby.

Enjoy doing crosswords? Take a puzzle and sit outdoors to solve it. You get your Nature fix and spend time doing something fun too. Win-win!

5. Go On a Holiday or Take a Break, Regularly

Even though we are in the midst of a festive holiday season right now, it is time to pencil in times for your next break or vacation during the New Year. Regular breaks do both the body and the mind good.

How will YOU increase your energy levels for good mental health and a positive mindset in the New Year? Did you find these Mental Health Resources helpful? Share with us in the Mindsetmax Facebook and Twitter communities!