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Mental Health Tips for Students: How Can You Stay Mentally Healthy as a Student

Mental Health Tips for Students: How Can You Stay Mentally Healthy as a Student

Mental Health Tips for Students: How Can You Stay Mentally Healthy as a Student

80% of college students who need mental health services won’t seek them

50% of all college students say they have felt so depressed that they found it difficult to function during the last school year

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college-age youth – over 1000 deaths per year.

The rate of student psychiatric hospitalizations has tripled in the past 20 years.

{ Source: wbur’s CommonHealth Reform and Reality}

Yes, those are some worrying numbers especially for parents and teachers. Yes, mental health for students is a concern keeping in mind the increasing pressure on children these days.

Here are some tips that can help you, as a parent or teacher, help children stay mentally healthy:

Talk to Your Kids…Often

Kids in high school and college tend to close parents out. However, simple family rituals like, dinner together or enjoying a date with a child can help keep the lines of communication open and help you as a parent sense if your kids are stressed about something.

Talk to kids without being preachy or judging them. Share news and info about mental health issues without being dramatic.

Learn About Mental Health and Illness

Read up on mental health and illness in children of different ages, refer to some Mental Health Resources so you know what is fact and what’s not. You’ll also be aware of the Types of Mental Health Problems and how to react, respond and deal with a situation should you notice a change in your child’s outlook and behavior.

Encourage Kids to Stay Active and Connected

It is easy for kids to come home from school and then just lounge on the couch, watching television or playing video games. Encourage kids to get out and get active. Set a good example yourself. Being outdoors and getting exercise everyday is a great way to boost endorphins as well as good health.

Also, encourage children to stay connected with friends and while they don’t have to be a social butterfly, a few solid connections can help. It is often, easier for a child to talk to a friend than to a parent.

Encourage Kids to See Support and Help  

Finally, if you notice that your child may be depressed, stressed or mentally troubled, don’t hesitate to seek help. Whether it is using NLP techniques, seeking therapy with the college counselor, medical assistance or Mental Health Services, be supportive and help your child to get help.

Are YOU a parent? What mental health concerns do YOU think children face these days? Share with us in our Facebook community.