Mental Health-Apps-to-Help-Feel-Better-Stay-Calm-and-Curb-Anxiety

Mental Health: Top 5 Apps to Help Feel Better, Stay Calm and Curb Anxiety

Mental Health: Top 5 Apps to Help Feel Better, Stay Calm and Curb Anxiety

Mental health is a growing concern for a large section of the population. Increasing stress and mounting pressures at work and in personal life can make things difficult for a regular person.

Since modern life is connected and driven by technology, it is only natural to look for mental health apps that support a mentally healthy lifestyle.

Here are our top 5 picks for mental health apps for a positive mental health that are easily accessible and will give you the tools you need to reduce stress, gain more clarity and feel better, with the click of a button.

Mental Health App#1. BellyBio

An interactive breathing app that helps with deep breathing, relaxation and biofeedback by turning your iPhone or iPod Touch into “a highly-sensitive deep breathing sensor providing a real-time, objective stress-level index based on your breathing pattern.”

Mental Health App#2. Optimism 

A mood charting app, Optimism helps you to “develop and monitor health strategies, learn the “triggers” of a decline in your mental health, recognize the early warning signs of a decline.”

It provides detailed charts and reports within the app or via email.

Mental Health App#3. iSleepEasy 

This guided meditations app helps you to relax and fall asleep easily and deeply. Recommended by USA Today, this mental health app lets you choose from several music and Nature sounds tracks or create your own sleep program by creating playlists.

Mental Health App#4. PTSD Coach 

This app, developed by VA’s National Center for PTSD in partnership with the Department of Defense’s National Center for Telehealth and Technology, helps veterans and others learn about PTSD and manage symptoms. It provides easy-to-use tools to handle stress symptoms and for screening and tracking them.

Mental Health App#5. iMindsetmax Lite 

This is one of our favorite mental health apps. ☺ It helps you learn about mindset theory and gives you a key technique to overcome fear so that you’re more confident and can live a more successful life. Download it for FREE here.

Mental health apps can be a handy tool to gain greater confidence, experience less stress and manage anxiety better. They also serve as great mental health resources and can help with a mental health assessment.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended for medical advice and none of the apps should substitute for a medical health professional.

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