META-Health is an integrative and holistic approach to health

META-Health explains our Body-Mind-Brain connection to diseases/ symptoms

Meta-Health is a bio-logical truth about disease


Are you suffering from symptoms and/or a disease that you want a fundamentally clear and precise insight about ?
Decide to take responsibility today, stop settling for “Experts don’t know what causes this disease…” or “It’s not clear what causes this disease…”

Learn the bio-logical truth about why you have the symptoms/ diseases affecting your health at

If you’re looking for answers, and are ready to know more about the incredible intelligence of your own body, and why your body is reacting in this way…

Meta-Health explained


Meta-Health is an explanatory model and analysis tool that generates consciousness about the behavior of our body during a disease process, and why our symptoms arise, based on the Meta-Medicine theories.
Meta-Health explains in a holistic way, that there’s a connection between our body, psyche, brain and social environment – so that we experience specific characteristics when under pressure, which are completely different from the ones when the body is regenerating back to health.
These phases are named stress and regeneration phase, and a detailed graphics illustration has been developed to explain a disease process for any human being.


Meta-Health and our feelings


Meta-Health also explains that a disease process begins with a conflict chock, either as a primary emotional “overload” (the frozen moment) – named UDIN – or a specific trigger that reactivates the first frozen moment as a conditioned reflex.
During this process both the mind and organs react in the body, and from then on the body does what it’s best at, and that’s going through the necessary process to get back to health and balance – just like a self healing biological mechanism.

Meta-Health | a new way of understanding disease


Meta-Health connects the traditional medicine (doctors) with complimentary and alternative treatment, which gives the best results – and creates a holistic view of health and disease based on the intelligence of our body.
Meta-Health is founded on natural laws, based on millions of years of evolution that produce logical explanations about the biological behavior of our body.
Meta-Health also helps to translate thoughts and especially feelings to cell biology and focuses on finding the root cause of diseases, which often have there starting point in the psyche when we’re exposed to a conflict chock that paralyzes and produce stress symptoms.

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Meta-Health dictionary

Meta: Derived from Greek and denotes above or beyond. A Meta position is one that is outside of a situation, in which one has the ability to reflect over it and develop a perspective.

Biologic: Nature’s laws of well-being and health. 

Holistic: Incorporates traditional medicine, corresponding medicine and alternate medicine It is critical to understand that META-Health is NOT to be mistaken for a new therapy, Meta Health Diet, Meta Health Insurance nor a Meta Healthcare. It is more a diagnostic device that helps us in comprehending the disease process. This comprehension or understanding makes it simpler to use the treatment that then works with the natural processes and help in recreating health.


We are not a medical Doctors and nothing we do is medical treatment or a substitute, in any way, for medical treatment.
The content of this website is for information purposes only. Any information presented does NOT substitute professional medical or therapeutic diagnosis or treatment. We ask you to always take responsibility for your health and if necessary consult with your doctor, health practitioner or therapist in case of any diagnostics or treatment concerning physical or mental health. Ask if their work follows and is based on the biological natural laws.

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