Meta-Medicine has created the foundation for Meta-Health and Meta-Health analysis

Meta-Medicine has created the foundation for Meta-Health and Meta-Health analysis

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Meta-Health is the newest research available about the natural healing powers of your intelligent body.


What is Meta-Medicine®?


Meta-Medicine explains the Mind-Body connection between Organ-Psyche-Brain and is partly based on, and further developed from the work of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer’s original theories that have been called “The New Medicine”.
Dr. Hamer’s son, Dirk Hamer, was shot in an accident in 1978 and died at the age of 17. He died in his fathers arms, so naturally this was a traumatic event.
Several months later, Dr. Hamer discovered that he had developed cancer of the testicles (and his wife had ovarian cancer), even though he’d been healthy all his life. In his capacity as a doctor, he started researching the possible connection between his testicle cancer and the tragic death of his son.

Meta-Medicine research

To establish this connection, and assuming that it would be easier to talk to women than men, Dr. Hamer visited a Health Care Centre treating women with ovarian cancer and began to interview them (the female ovaries are in this sense similar to the male testicles). He asked the women if they had received any chocking news in their life, at a time within a period of two years before they’d been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. He found that almost all the women had lost somebody they loved.


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Meta-Medicine – is a new way of looking at disease

After he’d discovered this connection. Dr. Hamer began to research the facts behind several other cancer patients. After 20 years of research and after interviewing more than 30,000 patients it was possible for him to establish that serious disease begins with a conflict chock that we’re totally unprepared of.
The disease that the conflict chock leads to, is in no way an error on nature’s side, which it may be tempting to believe – they all have a biological and meaningful purpose.
Mother Nature, has designed programs and principles with the goal of helping the individual and the group to survive.
The programs work exactly the same way for humans, animals and plants.
Meta-Medicine can assist in giving us hope and a process towards health, rather than the opposite.


Meta-Health is partly based on Meta-Medicine


Meta-Health (via the International Meta Medicine Association) is a fresh new view of Dr. Hamer’s model, and uses the analysis tool because it works.
The process of how it’s possible to re-establish health via an integrative model has been expanded.
This means that Meta-Health includes traditional treatment (doctors), complimentary and alternative treatment (Advanced Clearing Energetics), to re-establish health at all levels.
This again means, if you understand where you are in your sickness process, then you can choose the treatment that supports the natural process of healing.
Learn more about the detailed information og your bodies intelligence via META Medicine Charts, or read the book by Richard Flook Meta Medicine.

Challenge yourself to look at the root cause of any illness or to answer the question”Why am i sick?” and grow and expand via Meta-Medicine!


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