Millionaire Mindset: Do YOU have One?

Millionaire Mindset – Do YOU have One?

Millionaire Mindset – Do YOU have One?

Millionaire Mindset – Do YOU have One?

There is a lot of hype and interest over the millionaire mindset, thanks to T. Harv Eker’s book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth.

So, what is a millionaire mind?

How do Millionaires think?

Do millionaires have a secret that help them create their wealth?

Are they extremely talented/gifted/special?



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Imagine what you will be doing when you have conditioned yourself every day with a millionaire mindset for a period of time – and the money starts pouring in?


Millionaire Mindset Blueprint

According to Eker, everyone has a “money and success blueprint” that influences us in all our financial decisions. This blueprint is formed in childhood and continues to develop, shaping your current financial situation.
This blueprint or mindset is what sets millionaires apart from other people. And that is what empowers them to follow through earning massive amounts of money.
While Eker outlines 17 ways in which rich people think AND act differently from poor people, we’ll take a look at the top 7 to help you get started on the path of thinking like a millionaire.
Here’s how to know if you have a millionaire mindset:

1. You believe that you create your life
2. You are a happy receiver of everything that comes your way
3. You play the game to win.
4. You focus on opportunities rather than the hurdles that stand in your way.
5. You take action. Even when you’re unsure or afraid.
6. You believe in learning and growing.
7. Most importantly, you’re committed to being rich.
To illustrate the last point of being committed to being rich, let’s take a look at an example that Eker shares in his book. He writes, “…when self-made millionaires lose their money, they usually have it back within a relatively short time. Donald Trump is a good example. Trump was worth billions, lost everything, and then a couple of years later, got it all back again and more.”

If YOU, too, can commit to being rich, believe that you create your life and play the money game to win, you have a millionaire mindset. If not, don’t worry. Mindsets or blueprints, however, are changeable and regardless of your current mindset, you, too, can create a millionaire mindset.

It’s recommended that you take a serious look at your Millionaire Mindset Blueprint via training with T. Harv Eker today and/or also explore the Millionaire Mentality via his Millionaire Mindset Intensive where you will work with a Peak Potentials Training Schedule.


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Therefore, Grow your mind – grow your life by cultivating a Millionaire Mindset today!