Mindset Book Review Jaime Vendera Mindset Programming Your Mind for Success

Mindset Book Review Jaime Vendera Mindset Programming Your Mind for Success

Mindset Book Review Jaime Vendera Mindset Programming Your Mind for Success

Mindset Book Review Jaime Vendera Mindset Programming Your Mind for Success

Jaime Vendera writes on his own website – “Mindset: Programming Your Mind For Success” isn’t just another one of those “manifest your dreams and desires” books. It is that and more.


The Mindset method is a simple daily system designed to reprogram your mind in order to achieve health, wealth, success and happiness; learn to manifest abundance into your life, become motivated to succeed, learn the secret to turning on the well of creativity within your own mind. Never again feel unmotivated. Never again feel like you have writer’s or creator’s block. Never again feel like you don’t have the tools to change your life, because in Mindset, author Jaime Vendera gives you these tools…



Are you ready for the the tools to create a life of abundance, become successful and tap into a boundless source of creativity by applying the exact same method Jaime Vendera used to fulfill his dreams of becoming a “rock star” vocal coach? Then Mindset is for you! Does this system work??? Mindset has allowed Jaime to author successful books, set a glass shattering world-record and appear on television shows around the world! So the answer is YES.


Regardless of your goals, dreams and desires, Mindset teaches you how to program your mind (just like a computer) through a simple Mind/Body Process, a four minute meditation, and by answering five simple questions every day. Are you ready to change your life and fulfill your dreams? Then use Mindset daily to reprogram your mind…Just like a computer!


Mindset Book Review excerpt – The Mind/ Body Process

The program is based on the techniques that Jaime Vendera has used in his own life. Therefore it is not just another manifestation book. Mindset is a unique systematic way to turn the mind & body into an antennae & magnet in order to pick up on thoughts that will help to attract health, wealth and success.


The super conscious has many names. It’s also known as woman’s intuition, the collective conscious, higher self, infinite intelligence, the universal conscious, gut instinct, the universe etc. – ie. your personal connection to what’s larger than yourself.


The Mindset system is based on daily mind & body programming sessions called the Mind/ Body Process, along with five questions to be answered throughout the day either mentally or in a journal.


1st Mindset Book question:


– What will I do today to better myself ?


This question creates a sense of direction that leads toward success throughout the day, combined with the other four questions that help establish reflection and momentum for the next day.


Mindset Book-Review – Brain sides

Right-brained people are usually known to be good poets, musicians, writers or artists. Leonardo Da Vinci and Albert Einstein were considered right brained. Unusual with Albert Einstein, though he did do poorly at school because he was a daydreamer.


Left-brained thinkers tend to lean towards being lawyers, politicians, mathematicians and bankers. So not much daydreaming going on – more financial and mathematical thinking, analytical problem solving, speech giving etc.


Even with this distinction, we’re ALL both left and right brained, and the goal is to embrace the unlimited potential of both hemispheres, and thereby tap into various forms of genius.


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How would you like to have a simple system to drastically change your life in every
way, shape and form, a simple system that could positively fine-tune life’s experiences to enable you to achieve your maximum potential and live happy, a system that will help you to manifest into your life every possible dream and desire
that you can fathom?


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Therefore, Grow your mind – grow your life by reading a Mindset Book today and get answers for your Mindset Book Study Questions!