Mindset Learn

Mindset Learn from Brian Tracy 21 Secrets of Millionaires

Mindset Learn from Brian Tracy 21 Secrets of Millionaires

Mindset Learn moves you to Top 3%

Mindset Learn ? You may call it written goals or a To-do list, whatever makes you focus on what is the most important factor at any given time. “What we think we become” Buddha 500 B.C. – and learning what mindset you want to focus on, gives you the edge and moves you into the Top 3% in the world that have written goals. To set your mind, with a Mindset Learn and say 3 items for each day – will transform you into an achiever, compared to those who just talk about doing it.

Mindset Learn from Brian Tracy 21 Secrets of Millionaires

Mindset Lessons from Brian Tracy, author of the audiobook “21 Secrets of Millionaires”, is a super highway for financial freedom. Brian Tracy says:
“Here’s the good news. Virtually everyone starts with nothing. Probably 99% of all financially successful people today, started of broke or nearly broke”.
Brian continues with a few secrets in his Mindset Learn Extra for success:

1. Dream Big Dreams
2. See Yourself as Self Employed
3. Do What You Love to Do
4. Commit to Excellence
5. Develop of Workaholic Mentality
6. Dedicate to Lifelong Learning

Brian also says:” You are a potential genius. You are smarter than you have ever imagined. You have more raw brain power and creative ability than you have ever used. Your brain has 100 billion cells, each of which is connected to as many as 20,000 other cells (ganglia & dendrites). This means that the possible combinations and permutations of cells in your brain is greater than the number of molecules in the universe !”
So to set your mind on achieving with Mindset Learn is easier than you think.
It’s recommended that you take a serious look at your Mindset Learn via training with Brian Tracy today and/or also explore Mindset Video.

Mindset Learn elevates your health

Using The New Psychology of Success is often a wake up call and a starting point from where all your desires and aspirations may thrive. As Brian Tracy continues: “Take Excellent Care of Your Health. Set a goal to live to be at least 80 years old. Then – look at your current health habits and ask yourself whether or not the way you’re living today is going to get you to the age of 80 in great shape. There are 3 keys to living a long, happy, healthy life to put on your Mindset Learn:

– Proper weight (eat less and exercise more)
– Proper diet (better foods and fewer of them)
– Proper exercise (approx. 200 minutes per week)

And then it’s for you to work your plan.”


Mindset Learn trancends failure

Brian Tracy says in his own words about the Mindset Learn:
“Never Consider Failure. The fear of failure is the greatest single obstacle to success in adult life. Even though failure makes you stronger, resilient and more determined. It’s the fear of failure that can paralyze you and hold you back from even trying to do the things you need to do to be a big success.”
With Mindset Learn and focusing on the tasks at hand, you may use these words by Thomas J. Watson Sr. (Founder of IBM):
“If you want to be successful faster, you must double your rate of failure”.
Brian Tracy continues: “Success lies on the far side of failure. Self made millionaires are always willing to take calculated risks in the direction of their goals to achieve greater rewards.”


Mindset Learn develops persistence and determination

Again Brian Tracy says in his own words about Mindset Learn:
“Here is one of the great secrets of persistence and success. It is to program your subconscious mind for persistence well in advance of the setbacks and disappointments that you’re going to have on your upward quest towards success. Resolve in advance that you will never give up – no matter what happens.”


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Therefore, Grow your mind – grow your life by cultivating a new plan for a Mindset Learn!