Mindset Learn from Tony Robbins Personal Power 2

Mindset Learn from Tony Robbins Personal Power 2

Mindset Learn from Tony Robbins Personal Power 2

Mindset Learn conditions you for success

Mindset learn via neuro associative conditioning (NAC) ? The metaphor used is giving you the NAC of taking control of your life – developed out of frustration.
For many years I was considered to be one of the top experts in the science of Neuro Linguistic Programming, and that was a science that I originally studied with its co-founder. I didn’t develop it, but I really mastered what he taught, and I was incredibly impressed by the work. It allowed me to make changes in people with lightning-like speed. Changes that for years they’d been trying to make in their own life, but had been unable to do.



Mindset Learn from Tony Robbins Personal Power 2, Day 4

Mindset learn by Tony Robbins, author of the audiobook “Personal Power 2”, is Teaching Growth Mindsets for harnessing your inner drive. Tony Robbins says:
In fact, I became rather famous in a short period of time by getting on national television, and basically challenging other therapists saying: “Bring me your worst patient, give me somebody that you have difficulty with, or give me someone out of your audience right now that’s got a lifetime problem – maybe a phobia for example, and I’ll eliminate that problem right here, on television over the next 30 minutes. It wasn’t a magic bullet, it didn’t work in every case, but fortunately it worked every time I was on TV.”
Tony Robbins continues with the three secrets on how to mindset learn for success (change your neuro associative conditioning):
1. Get Leverage (get to the point where you must change)
2. Interrupt the limiting pattern
3. Create a new pattern


Tony Robbins also says: ”That process of transforming meaning, changing what we associate is what all therapy’s do when they work.”
So begin to mindset learn now and experience the benefits fast.


Mindset learn changes commitment

Mindset Learn Extra reveals where a person is in commitment to change. Tony Robbins, an NLP Master, says: “When I taught NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) people would come see me and they’d want me to change them – and it worked. The whole idea of programming, basically set me up. That is I actually got people thinking that I was doing something to them that they couldn’t change back. So conditioning is different. I didn’t become successful in my life because one day I reprogrammed myself and everything was perfect. Most of the success that I experience, the abundance I experience – mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially is because EVERY SINGLE DAY I condition myself to be at my best, to feel at my best, to give my best. And that is what neuro associative conditioning is about.


Mindset learn develops meaning

Again Tony Robbins says in his own words about mindset learn:
“This 1 person had created a special meaning for being in the camp. The meaning was – I’m suffering, so that I can come back and tell this story to my children, and make sure that this never ever happens again on earth.”
The ability to touch the future, was enough pleasure – that it enabled them to create a meaning out of their present pain. They had a reason and a will to live.


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Therefore, Grow your mind – grow your life by creating the neuro associative conditioning for a Mindset Learn!